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Rainbow Children

If you have a child under the age of ten who exhibits qualities of expanded perceptions, they most likely are a Rainbow.  What can you expect from this child?

We already have Rainbow visitors from time to time at our Crystal Life Youth Group, Blue Papaya. While they are too young to attend regularly, their energy is delightful and very joyous, their gifts sharp and extremely astute.

Rainbows will prove over time to have either finer subtle energy perceptions than Crystals, OR they may be something altogether different than Crystals. Those that I have had the pleasure to personally know are already very clear about boundaries in all regards of their life.   Most are self imposed vegans, and have even given their parents lectures on the importance of dead flesh not being a part of their diet. They strongly feel the need to have a plant and fruit based diet because they innately know these energies are vital to their life force and optimal health.

These individuals are strong and clear in their ideas while at the same time their firm and clear boundaries are set with tact and harmony. They inherently know what is right for their life journey and need to have parents who are wise enough to listen with an open heart and respect for their individuality. Rainbows are unbending diplomats when it comes to their life choices and path- their good nature shines through their steely and resolute core. These souls are a good mix of what the Indigo’s hoped to accomplish-individuals with strong inner strength with a loving, heart centered delivery.

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