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4 Heart Chakra

NameAnahata Chakra: “The unstruck or soundless sound”. Heart Chakra, Heart Center.
LocationCenter of chest (breastbone), rib cage, lungs, thoracic cavity, opens forward/backward. Physical heart on left; spiritual heart on right; heart chakra in center. The Divine Heart embodies universal consciousness.
Symbol/Yantra12-petaled lotus. Hexagon: shows how lower three and higher chakras permeate each other.
Basic Principles
Love. Devotion, oneness. Direct cognition. Self-abandon. “I am the source of unlimited love.” Energizes the body with life force, blood circulation. Unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, oneness with life, harmony, contentment. Bhakti yoga.
Center entire chakra system; connects 3 lower physical and emotional centers to 3 higher mental and spiritual centers. Ability to empathize, sympathize, attune and join with cosmic vibrations. Perceive beauty in all. Images, words and sounds transformed into feelings. Purpose to achieve perfect union through love. Completely open: center of true unconditional love which exists only for own sake and so cannot be possessed or lost. When working with all other chakras in harmony, transforms you into channel divine love. Heart Energies can change world around you and unite, reconcile, heal people in surroundings. Energy is self-generating and self-emanating. Inspire others as feel peace & calm in your presence.
Unfolding qualities of the heart, love, compassion, sharing, heartfelt empathy, selflessness, devotion, healing. Power unbelievable. Free access to both visible and invisible worlds. Time and space surrender. Can travel anyplace in the world in a few seconds in subtle body. Danger: if not get proper sanction other centers, or not cooperate, not let soul back in: must take permission of inner pilot.
Ruling PlanetVenus (lunar, feminine)
Astrological SignLeo/Sun, Libra/Venus, Saturn.
UnderstandingCircular, expanding in all directions. Meditate on breath and heartbeat.
ElementAir (flexibility of heart). Formless, without smell or taste. Air is responsible for movement, this chakra is movement in all directions.
SoundsF (fa). 349.2 cycles per second. YAM (slowly and sweetly). Classical music, New Age music, sacred music. “Ahh” (direct awareness of heart, as in exclamation “Ah!”). Most open of all sounds, represents greatest possible richness of expression available to human voice; unbiased acceptance of all manifestation. A sound babies use to comment on their experiences. Art/music of this chakra is synchronized with rhythm of the heart, and thus with rhythm of cosmos.
ColorSmokey Green (healing, sympathy, harmony). If light green in heart chakra, well-developed ability to heal (color of meadows, forest, receptive to reconciliation; regenerating). Pink (loosen tension in heart, bring back childlike feelings of happiness; stimulate creative activity). God (golden aura interwoven with pink—person lives in pure, selfless love of divine).
DeityRudra Siva. Shakti: Kakini.
AnimalDeer, antelope.
Plants, AromasRose oil (attar of roses: most harmonizing of all scents).
GemstonesGreen aventurine. Green calcite. Pink calcite. Emerald (draws healing energies from cosmos to earth; regenerates, rejuvenates, refreshes; all-embracing love; challenges you to equal its brilliant light, shows you areas where not yet the case. Jade (peace, harmony, wisdom, fairness, modesty; brings relief if restless, lets sleep peacefully, relaxes heart, makes us calm). Kunzite (higher aspects; combines tender pink of higher love with violet of crown chakra to support union with divine; makes you straightforward and will always lead you back onto this path if you ever leave it). Moonstone (lower aspects; balances emotions). Opal (lower aspects; conscious intention of emotions). Rose Quartz (higher aspects, development of self love, heals wounds of heart caused by hardness, lack of consideration or carelessness; makes you receptive to beauties of creation). Rhodachrosite (lower planes: moves energy of heart or navel). Rhodonite. Green Tourmaline. Pink Tourmaline (leads out of narrow emotional structures, opens and expands heart; when edged in green unites expansive qualities pink with healing, vibrating green). Clear Quartz. Pink and green stones.
Nature ExperienceUntouched nature (quiet walk through unspoiled green countryside), blossoms (message of love, innocent joy, lets bloom in heart; pink flowers especially), pink sky with gossamer clouds.
Age21 — 28. Bhakti or faith.
Sensory FunctionFeeling, touch (ability establish contact, willingness to be touched and in touch with all things). Ability to empathize.
Body Issues: Parts, Glands, HormonesUpper back, heart, rib cage and chest cavity, lower lungs, blood, circulatory system, skin, hands. Thymus gland. Thymus hormone. Organ of cognition: skin. Organ of action: genitals.
Body Issues: Proper FunctioningIf this chakra is open, all other chakras come into alignment with it. Compassion, ability to see and feel through eyes and hearts of other person without losing or betraying self. Perpetually happy; no longer any concern for worldly pleasures, honors, humiliations; desires cease to be a problem; live in harmony with internal/external worlds; energy, self-generating and self-emanating. Love, faith, devotion, duty. Inspire others to feel peace, calm in presence. Time and space surrender; can travel any place in the world; Divine Heart embodies universal consciousness. Helps redefine perception accompanying opening of third eye, for devotion of heart makes us receptive to subtler aspects of Creation. Higher capacities of the third eye develop concurrently with the unfolding of the heart chakra. For this reason, many spiritual disciples East and West concentrate on opening of heart chakra. Harmonious functioning: understand life in purest form: an everlasting expression of divine love and bliss.
Body Issues: Dark Aspects of Energy 
Body Issues: Insufficient FunctioningCompletely shut: coldness, indifference, “heartlessness”; to feel anything requires strong external stimulation; out of balance, suffer from depression. Vulnerable to injury, dependent on love, affection of others; when experiencing rejection, deeply hurt, especially since you had the courage to open self up. When this happens, feel like withdrawing into shell, are sad and depressed.
Body Issues: disharmonious functioningWant be there for others, give freely but without being connected with the source of love, without being conscious of it; expect recognition, reassurance for all the “love” you give, feel disappointed when efforts not appreciated. Feel powerful enough to give away some of your strength, incapable of accepting love others want to give you, unable to open self to receiving. Tenderness, softness make you feel embarrassed.
Body Issues: Physical ProblemsAsthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, widened, overly expanded thorax (indicates inner armor and defense against all sorts of attack; pain).
Sleep ModeOn left side, 5-6 hours.
Spin of the Chakra (facing the body)Female: right. Male: left.
OccupationsGuides, counselors, mentors, problem solvers.
Yogic DisciplineBhakti Yoga (realization of divine through devotion, love of God; devotees relate everything to God).

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