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Sailors knew that if they rubbed the earring they were wearing, it helped them to see better all the way to the horizon! The ear contains acupressure points that connect to various parts of the body. By wearing earrings fashioned of different healing crystal energies, metals or sacred images, you can positively affect your body mind spirit health! Please remember that, by law, earrings for pierced ears are not returnable, due to health risks.

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  • Agate Portal Pendant & Earring Set

    Agate Portal Pendant & Earring Set

  • Alien Earrings

    Alien Earrings

  • Amazonite Chip Earrings

    Amazonite Chip Earrings

  • Amber Earrings | Post

    Amber Earrings | Post

  • Amethyst Chip Earrings

    Amethyst Chip Earrngs

  • Amethyst Druze Earrings

    Amethyst Druze Earrings

  • Photo Coming Soon

    Amethyst Natural Point Earrings

  • Ammonite Earrings | Post

    Ammonite Earrings | Post

  • Ankh Dangling Earrings

  • Aum Earrings

    Aum Earrings

  • Aum Earrings - in Circle - 5/8" Sterling Silver

    Aum Earrings – in Circle – 5/8″ Sterling Silver

  • Aventurine Chip Earrings | Crystal Life

    Aventurine Chip Earrings