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Buddha Orb


This Buddha orb shows a figure meditating inside a moving rainbow orb. Orbs are merkabas that either are themselves, or they contain, a life form. The life form in this orb spoke to me as I was photographing the intricate roots of this mature tree, which stands beside a children’s playground.  The orb wanted his photo taken! “I would be much prettier,” he said, “if the little boys wouldn’t pee on me!”


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Buddha Orb

This orb zoomed into view faster that the click of the camera, hence its trajectory can be seen to the left. Photographed in the roots of a cottonwood tree – cottonwoods are said to be particularly receptive to human energy, and act as messengers, carry prayers and answers between human and spirit.. 

The card is the close up of the orb; I’ve included the entire photo, for you to see the Buddha orb, and his friend, in relation to the intricate root system as a whole

This original photographic art piece by nature spirit photographer Atala Toy is pigment on paper – available as a 5×7 card with envelope and as a signed 11×14 matted photograph.

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