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About Crystal Life | Policies, History, Staff

Founded in 1995, we are one of the oldest holistic websites and a number of our products, and our founder’s photographs, have received awards for their quality and originality.

Crystal Life StorefrontCrystal Life provides the public with natural products that enhance personal health and contribute to world harmony. Many are designed by company founder Atala Toy and then handcrafted by our own local skilled artisans.

Our knowledgeable staff is always available to discuss with you the particular needs that have brought you to our store or website.


Crystal Life began in New York City, when Atala needed to find a solution for her health issues which were caused by environmental pollution. Like many metaphysically-oriented people, she was electromagnetically sensitive and the growing array of electronic devices were adversely affecting her health. She was working at the United Nations at this time.

Atala discovered that keeping stable natural products around her made her feel better. These included rocks of all kinds, and sacred geometry images. She also discovered that the components of the clothes she wore and the food she ate (organic was best for both) contributed to her sense of well-being.

Based on this knowledge, Atala first crafted a home and work environment for herself, then began crafting products she could wear and carry with her as she moved about the city. As other people approached her for assistance with their similar issues, she began providing her natural living solutions to others.

Eventually, Atala’s assistance developed into a passion for providing holistic options to the public. In June of 1995 she left the United Nations and started her company. She began by selling her handcrafted products at New York City’s street fairs and holistic expos, and gradually began traveling nationwide providing products and workshops at holistic and alternative events.

In 2001 Atala left New York City for the Midwest, settling in the Illinois heartland. She opened a store in St. Charles, Illinois then moved to Geneva’s historic downtown in 2008.

Atala has published three books on consciousness topics – We are Not Alone: A Guidebook to Interdimensional Cooperation; Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to Talk with and Photograph Beings of Other Realms; and Nature Spirits in American Trees.

Atala is a nature spirit photographer and all the photographs and most of the cards carried by Crystal Life are her work. She also designs and our staff artisans handcraft much of our gemstone therapy jewelry and prayer beads as well as our metaphysical home decor line of mugs, mouse pads and coasters.

Atala has served on a number of boards of directors including as vice president of the American Society of Dowsers and as president of ISIC – the Institute for the Study of Interdimensional Cooperation. She is a past Chairperson for the City of Geneva’s Business Improvement and Retention Committee and taught meditation for many years as a volunteer with yoga groups.

Crystal Life Philosophy

We strive to always provide you with healthy, productive products that enable you to develop your self-awareness and your ability to improve your life in your own way.

Crystal Life Products

The core of Crystal Life’s work is its many Products with Purpose® We hope our customers enjoy our products for their inherent beauty and usefulness. But everything in our store and website also has an energetic purpose.

We humans move about so much that it helps to carry our healthy options with us. The easiest way to do so is to wear your protection. Crystal Life’s Resonance® Jewelry with Purpose® provides you the parts to tailor, for yourself, the specific elements to meet your specific needs.

When ordering your product, please be aware that patterned stones are unique. Thus while your specimen or pendant will be in the same family of stones, its specific pattern may uniquely vary.


We guarantee our handcrafted jewelry for three months following purchase. If anything should happen to your jewelry during that time, resulting from its construction and not from your error (e.g. the dog played with it), we restring free of charge. After that time, we offer repair services at cost. 


We do not repair jewelry or prayer beads made by other companies. If you wish a favorite piece of Crystal Life jewelry restrung, our prices are: prayer beads (full length) $28. Necklaces $12. Bracelets, anklets $10. Replacement of beads: 10¢ per bead. Price includes return shipping in USA from us back to you; overseas and Canada slightly more.

Special Orders

We are happy to alter the length of our own handcrafted products according to your needs, at no extra cost; simply make note of this need in the comments box provided at checkout. Such a change will take up to two weeks for us to craft and send out to you. (Example: you need a necklace, bracelet or anklet made up to 2″ longer or shorter due to large/small wrists or for a child). We do not produce jewelry in other bead sizes than what is shown for that style nor do we craft gemstone combinations to order.


You may return most of our products for a refund within 30 days of its purchase. Books, DVDs and CDs, energy tools and stones that have been worked with are not returnable; we provide clean, new products to our customers and appreciate your understanding of this criteria! We carry earrings for pierced ears; by law, these are not returnable due to health factors. Crystal Life will refund the cost of the product but not the cost of shipping. The product must be in like new condition. You must ship back product in a protective box and not unprotected in an envelope; stones and gemstones are breakable. If you return an item improperly packaged and it is broken on receipt, we will not issue a refund. 

Contact Information

You can reach us by phone – (630) 208 6001; toll free (800) 871 9985 – daily between Central Time (Chicago area) hours of 10:30 am (11:30 pm on Sundays) and 4:30 pm. If you leave an overnight message for us, we will respond to you between these hours. You can reach us by email at: orders@crystal-life.com. Mail should be sent to: Crystal Life, 121 S Third St, Geneva, IL 60134, USA. 


Crystal Life®, Crystal Life Technology®, Jewelry with Purpose®, Products with Purpose®, and Resonance® are registered trademarks belonging to Crystal Life Technology, Inc. 

Our Store Staff

When you visit our store in Geneva, or call for assistance, you will be speaking with one of these staff members:


Atala with Camera
Atala Dorothy Toy, President

Atala is the founding president of Crystal Life Technology, Inc. She is a nature spirit photographer, energy jewelry designer, and author of three books on interdimensional communication. Atala left her job at the United Nations Development Programme in 1995 to start Crystal Life Technology, Inc. and traveled extensively offering workshops and lectures before settling down and opening her store in the Fox River Valley.



Jamie Eck for bioJamie Eck, General Manager

Jamie is our manager at Crystal Life Technology. With many years of retail experience, and her steady, calm, productive energy, we know that whatever comes her way, Jamie will handle it professionally, with courtesy, efficiency, and enthusiasm. Before working retail, Jamie owned her own gardening business. Learn more about Jamie in our short interview with her! 




Grandfather-Buffalo-3Gary Lupton, Operations Manager & Crystal Meister

We call him our Crystal Meister! Always happy to help our customers match their needs to the right stone, Gary is also our operations manager – he makes sure all of our products are properly in order, cleared energetically, and he especially cares for our store stone collections. Gary is part Cherokee, trained with a Blackfoot shaman and presents from a non-tribal perspective. Learn more about Gary in our short interview blog!




Cloe Smith-WestphallCloë Smith-Westphall, Crafting Coordinator, Product Photographer

Cloë coordinates the schedules for our artisan crafters. Working with Atala’s designs – as well as her own – Cloe sees the process through from the ordering of supplies to the preparation for crafters to the final preparations to get them to our customers. Cloë also works with Atala to photograph our product. Cloë comes from a family of artists and musicians. She herself has been working in the arts all her life, from helping at her Mom’s art school to designing and producing her own paintings, collages, drawings and jewelry. Cloë volunteers at Living Well Cancer Center, assisting in the arts program.



Sarah ClancySarah Clancy, Stock Clerk, Sales Associate, Events Coordinator 

Our jewelry kiosks and displays are always well-stocked and in neat order thanks for the gentle, precise care provided by Sarah. Sarah seems to radiate order wherever she focuses; the energies calm down and are at peace! Sarah comes to us from SIU, Carbondale where she is studying hospitality, tourism and marketing. Sarah creates many of our signs, posters and flyers.



Tammy McCure for bioTammy McCure, COO, Assistant Manager

An energy worker with a passion for helping to match people to their crystals, Tammy ensures the day to day operations of the store flow smoothly. She has a passion for helping people get to their next level, which comes in handy when people come into the store seeking crystals to help them along their path. Tammy enjoys the outdoors and can often be found hiking the local forest preserves when she is not working at the store.



Mitch Karmis for bioMitch Karmis , Shipping, Web Editor 

Mitch is Fox Valley born and raised. He is a writer and an actor with a love of learning as much as he can about the metaphysical properties of crystals. He has a background in media studies and creative writing, which comes in handy when he researches and writes articles for our website. Mitch is a vegan and enjoys road trips.




Laura Jones for bioLaura Jones, Social Media

When you visit our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other Social Media accounts, you’re likely seeing posts created by Laura. She uses her photography and writing skills to create engaging social media posts. In her free time, Laura enjoys painting, reading and travel.

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