Sacred Geometry

Crystal Life Technology’s sacred geometry merkabah jewelry works via Resonance® and is Jewelry with Purpose®. It works on the ancient principle of the circle, a full field of energy that is complete unto itself.

The jewelry in this collection is based on the merkabah, which is the full field of energy psychics see surrounding and sustaining every life form in the universe. The geometric shapes are universal in nature and have the capacity to clear and balance the fields they are placed near. They sustain fields in proximity to each other, permitting each to be independent and yet intercooperative. All other geometrics can be found inside the merkabah, including all Platonic solids. When your conscious intent is to improve your energy, the jewelry works even more effectively.

The jewelry works scientifically via the principles of resonant technology. Some people find this technology extremely powerful while others do not. It just depends upon your own personal energy orientation; neither experience is better than the other.

Flower of Life This ancient symbol shows the field of the merkabah. It has been found in many ancient texts and architecture. While it is depicted two dimensionally, it works as a 3D hologram. Formed of overlapping circles, with a vesica pisces between each, it shows how every field of energy expands from a single core point. The flowers come in 14K gold plate (yang sun energy) and silver plate (yin moon energy). They also come with the two metals superimposed and the orientation slightly rotated, which creates a rose window effect and a deeper level of merkabah energy.

Star Tetrahedron This three dimensional piece shows the polarities of a merkabah. The star tetrahedron appears in all high esoteric societies as the depiction of the energy of source as it divides and works together via opposites. Wearing the Star helps you to balance all aspects of your own energy field as well.

The Personal Harmonizer This is the merkabah in motion. A modern piece, designed by Slim Spurling. Available in gold plated copper (yang sun qualities for good health and balance) and silver/gold/silver/gold plate over copper (yin moon qualities for psychic perception). Psychics find this three-dimensional design very powerful for it acts as a scan, moving about the energy field to keep it clear and intact.

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