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Light-Life – Environmental Harmonizer, Sacred Cubit, Copper/Gold Plated


The gold environmental LightLife harmonizer is mathematically precise, formed of individual lengths of wire all measured in harmony with the ancient Egyptian Sacred Cubit – the frequency of life – and shaped into a merkabah (the star tetrahedron – the base geometric form of creation) in motion. This Slim Spurling gold environmental harmonizer is 2″ x 2″ and has a copper base with multiple levels of gold plating. Gold is considered the life force energy in sacred geometry, and this tool is excellent for balancing and enhancing positive energy for a 15 mile radius when activated with the accompanying environmental clearing CD.

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The Light Life Environmental Harmonizer is gold plated over copper. It comes with a 1/2 cubit ring with one amplifier bead (for shutting down or tailoring its energy) and an Environmental Clearing CD. It has a working radius with the CD of approximately 15 miles. Size: 2″ X 2″.

The Slim Spurling Environmental Harmonizers emit a positive light field or L-field (harmonic of consciousness). To the clairvoyant, it appears as a coherent holographic light field. These are “active” tools, in that subtle energies are continually in motion in the large light-energy field around it. You can read more about these sacred geometry tools in the Slim Spurling area of our library.

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