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Resonance® Jewelry

Resonance® Jewelry is based on the awareness that everything in existence is formed of consciousness. Consciousness exists at many different frequencies. Frequencies resonate and in doing so hold a pattern of consciousness in place.

energyBraceletResonance Jewelry helps you to resonate with specific types of positive consciousness throughout your day and is available at our crystal-life.com website.

Resonance Jewelry that provides beneficial frequencies is a specialty of Crystal Life Technology, Inc. We call it Jewelry with Purpose®  and our line of jewelry includes prayer beads, gemstone necklaces, crystal pendants, chakra jewelry, sacred geometry jewelry, energy jewelry…and more.

Crystal Life StoreCrystal Life Technology was founded in 1995 and today maintains a website (crystal-life.com) and a storefront located in historic downtown Geneva, IL. Our company’s work is based in the awareness that energy structures underlie all life forms of the universe. We can powerfully affect our everyday lives by what we keep around us. Whether it is harmful or beneficial, we eventually come into resonance with our environment. Our core mission is to provide beneficial, energy-rich, natural living products for society.

Psychic Chakra Energy Bracelet

Psychic Chakra Energy Bracelet

Crystal Life Technology’s Resonance Jewelry line is concerned specifically with body, mind and spirit consciousness transformation. It also assists with energy field protection, helping prevent non-beneficial forces from taking up residence inside your personal fields and your living and working spaces. All these products come with a description of the energetic properties of the materials used.



Different gemstones and crystals have basic resonant molecular structures known by alternative healers to embody specific beneficial frequencies. Various of our Resonance Jewelry include the energies of love and compassion (rose quartz), balance (clear quartz), wisdom (amethyst), joy (citrine), protection (hematite), prosperity (turquoise), communication (sodalite), and specific combinations to align your chakras. Stone properties are listed in each product on our site..


Resonance and Sacred Jewelry

Buddha Pendant


Sacred art is a very high, pure form of energy work. Whether your interest is ancient Egyptian, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga, the Melchizedek teachings, wicca, reiki… you will find appropriate Resonance Jewelry on the crystal-life.com website.

We have a large selection of a core level sacred geometry jewelry known as the merkabah and the flower of life. The Resonance Jewelry in this collection is based on the merkabah, which is the core field of energy psychics and spiritual aspirants see as forming the core of every life form in the universe. These geometric shapes are universal in nature and have the capacity to clear and balance the fields they are placed near. The merkabah and flower of life sustain fields in proximity to each other, permitting each to be independent and yet inter-cooperative. All other geometrics can be found inside the merkabah, including all Platonic solids. When your conscious intent is to improve your energy, the jewelry works even more effectively. Some people find this technology extremely powerful while others do not. It just depends upon your own personal energy orientation; neither experience is better than the other.

flower_goldFlower of Life This ancient symbol shows the field of the merkabah. It has been found in many ancient texts and architecture. While it is depicted two dimensionally, it works as a 3D hologram. Formed of overlapping circles, with a vesica pisces between each, it shows how every field of energy expands from a single core point. The flower of life is a core piece of Resonant Jewelry. It comes in 14K gold plate (yang sun energy) and silver plate (yin moon energy). It also comes with the two metals superimposed and the orientation slightly rotated, which creates a rose window effect and a deeper level of merkabah energy.


Star Tetrahedron This three dimensional piece shows the polarities of a merkabah. The star tetrahedron appears in all high esoteric societies as the depiction of the energy of source as it divides and works together via opposites. Wearing this piece of Resonance Jewelry helps you to balance all aspects of your own energy field as well.


Gold Personal HarmonizerThe Personal Harmonizer. This is the merkabah in motion. A modern piece, designed by Slim Spurling. Available in gold plated copper (yang sun qualities for good health and balance) and silver/gold/silver/gold plate over copper (yin moon qualities for psychic perception). Psychics find this three-dimensional piece of Resonance Jewelry to be very powerful for it acts as a scan, moving about the energy field to keep it clear and intact.


Environmental Protection via Resonance Jewelry

Environmental electromagnetic and microwave allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout our Western society. There is a need especially for microwave and EMF protection. Our Resonance Jewelry – especially our line of ceramic catalyst Energy Jewelry – is an excellent solution for you

Zen Harmonizer PendantWhether you are being affected by too much technology in your work space, your commute or your living quarters, a growing number of people are becoming aware that our modern conveniences come with a heavy price to pay in terms of our health. Much of our modern stress, worry, dissatisfaction, negative emotions, and health issues such as e.b.v., chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain tumors and cancers have a strong environmental component. Some of our Resonance Jewelry deals with this situation.

When you no longer have the environment to which the human body has adapted over millions of years, your whole energy field is thrown off-kilter. Together, computers, telephones, televisions, cellular phones, microwave ovens and the power sources needed to run them, are creating powerful short band energy grids, or frequency fences. These keep many individuals who work and live solidly inside these fields from being able to draw on the underlying natural cosmic and earth energies to consciously and autonomically restore their bodily health systems.

Hematite and ceramic energy protection jewelryYou can find Resonance Jewelry that addresses this situation throughout crystal-life.com but especially in our Energy Jewelry area. Our Energy Jewelry uses resonant materials that soften the harsh narrow-band wave lengths. Wearing them can help restore earth’s natural healing harmonics to your personal energy field.

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