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Products with Purpose®

Crystal Life Technology® specializes in Subtle Energy Products and Products with Purpose®. Our resonance tools work with frequency to change matter. This science, known as resonant technology, is an adjunct to many complementary health disciplines.

Resonance JewelryCrystal Life provides a variety of products with purpose that help people help themselves and their communities. These are partnership tools and they help establish stable fields in which good health and a positive outlook is enabled and strengthened. Many of the tools are worn as jewelry, which is a return to the original purpose of personal adornment. We call these Resonance® – Jewelry with Purpose®

Our products with purpose are used by many different disciplines such as energy workers, healers, complimentary medicine and contemporary introspective practices. Disciplines include yoga, tai chi, meditation, massage, energy work, aura work, gridwork, earth work, dowsing, acupressure, acupuncture, sports, religion, martial arts, aromatherapy, sound therapy…and just living!

If you already have a liking for a particular type of energy work, then our parent company, crystal-life.com, is a great place to find the appropriate subtle energy products with purpose and jewelry with purpose. Look over our selection and decide what tools can be applied to your area of work.

If you are seeking to improve your personal health: first consult a doctor. Our products with purpose are compatible with and support standard medical protocols and are used by many complementary medical practitioners.

Psychic Chakra Energy Bracelet

Psychic Chakra Energy Bracelet

Energy Bracelets – General Guidelines. If you are new to subtle energy products, the items incorporating the ceramic catalysts are an excellent choice.  They are resonance tools disguised as jewelry! This is our Resonance® Jewelry with Purpose®  – a major area of our varied products with purpose. This jewelry sustains and protects energy fields, permitting potentially competing fields to live safely in proximity to each other (such as humans with computers and cell phones).

G33If you have a particular problem with the land in an area, such as from computers, power lines or cell phone towers, vortexes and ley lines, the Biomagnetic Research Tools are excellent products with purpose and are used in the dowsing and feng shui communities. These resonance tools come in five basic energies: dynamic general health, subtle general health, peace, protection from negative energies, and energies going through change. When combined with stone beads as in our Energy Jewelry, these variations are further refined.

Double-Sided Flower of Life PendantFor people suffering from immune system disorders, the ceramic catalysts are excellent products with purpose for use at the beginning and intermediate levels of the disorder. When you have advanced to the state of being allergic to virtually everything, an excellent choice is the Flower of Life, a geometric representation of a full field of energy that resonantly helps your energy field to recover.

HarmonizersEnergy Tools. If you are working with land energy and want to strongly clear and heighten the core energy of an area, the Slim Spurling line of Light-Life subtle energy products is a good place to explore. This line of products with purpose is also excellent for refining and boosting the personal energy field.

Gemstone PendantsOur Resonance Pendants are part of our Jewelry with Purpose collection. They are excellent products with purpose, very useful for strengthening and clearing those energy fields which the stones were created to hold stable for earth’s use. Each stone has many other qualities besides the ones that are noted on its attached card and if you are attracted to a particular stone, that is a good indication that you would benefit from working with it. Another good indication of stones you should work with are any you do not like. This means that stone contains an energy you have not yet incorporated into your energy field.

Bloodstone Prayer Beads

Bloodstone Prayer Beads

Gemstone Prayer Beads and Malas. Our prayer beads (malas and misbahas) are very powerful yet gentle subtle energy products. They combine the stone energy with the energy of number and form.

There is a very broad array of products for yoga practitioners. These include chakra jewelry, consciousness jewelry, yogic symbols and a variety of meditation products with purpose, ranging from incense to statues.

Zen and martial arts practitioners particularly like our tubular zen energy jewelry. Teenagers also like the zen pendants and bracelets as they look like the fashionable chokers now being worn but also are energy strengthening.

Hamsa PendantOur Crystal Life® line of sacred images includes pendants and art from many disciplines. Each of these subtle energy products conveys a specific resonance. When you use one of these products with purpose, you are aligning yourself with positive crystalline geometrics and images, such as the aum, protective hand, flower of life, and the merkabah.

Subtle energy products that can balance the extraordinary array of energies – natural and artificial – now permeating our lives – are increasingly important. One way you can protect yourself and your family is by introducing strongly balancing subtle energy tools. Crystal Life specializes in these types of tools – these tailored products with purpose – ranging from nature’s own stones to sacred geometry.

How do such tools work? Here’s our explanation…

How do energy tools help me?

The substance of which all existence is composed is one but our understanding of it varies. It has been called consciousness, energy, frequency, resonance, love, peace, God, source, the void, sound and color.

As energy manifests itself, it emphasizes different properties so that it can achieve specific results. Subtle energy tools have been designed by various technicians to achieve a very specific result in a specific field. Some tools have broad applications, others are very precise as to their function. Crystal Life Technology has both broadbase and specific energetic products with purpose.

Why are such tools needed?

Our culture today is being exposed to more artificial frequencies and chemicals than ever before in the history of earth. These technologies superimpose themselves over the natural life forms that formerly lived uninterrupted in these frequencies. For example: many computers operate at the human energy field hertz and cell phones at the brain’s hertz. Therefore, when you are in close proximity to technology, as most of us are, your own field may not be able to get the energy it needs to function well, especially when your bio-rhythms are low. Besides this, earth’s frequency is herself adapting to the new energies now coming in from the cosmos and this is very difficult, at times, for us to adjust to. The need for subtle energy products that help protect us is greater than ever.

How do I select a tool?

Your own intuition is the best guide. We have also provided very clear information for each product with purpose on our parent website, crystal-life.com, and suggest you browse through there

Contact Crystal Life Technology, Inc. if you have a further question about our products with purpose. You can email us at inquiries@crystal-life.com and reach us by phone (630) 208 6001 during normal store hours – our current hours are listed on our website Contact page.

How do I use the tools?

spurling_ringsPsychic Chakra Prayer BeadsDifferent disciplines use the same resonant tools in slightly different ways. For example: massage therapists and acupuncturists like to put the Slim Spurling Light Life® rings under their tables especially the 3 1/2 cubit size; it helps their clients to relax and open up their energy flow. Aromatherapists like the Light Life ½ cubit ring  — they can place their products inside the ring to clarify and restrengthen an essence that has traveled or been stored with other frequencies. Yogis like the wide variety of Chakra Balancing products, to help themselves align their energies, while those with immune system issues find the same products with purpose sustain and strengthen their energy.

How do I know the tools are working?

Our products with purpose clear and balance fields. You cannot wear them too long because clear and balanced is just that.

Some people notice a positive change in their energy as soon as they get near or pick up one of our subtle energy products with purpose. Others may not feel anything but over the weeks they notice that their energy is gradually improving.

After using any of these products for some time, you probably will not get the same “charge” as that first rush. This is usually because the tools have been successful in their work and your energy field has gotten stronger and more stable.

If you notice that you need these energetic products with purpose but something makes you want to stay away from them, we suggest you contact an energy worker for a session. It has been our experience that only two types of people cannot tolerate these products. The first are those now so sensitive or allergic that they need to work exclusively at the light body level; and those who those who have a negative entity attached to their energy field.

Sometimes, after several months of wearing one of our Products with Purpose, people feel they no longer need to use the item and take it off. We are very grateful if through our products and your other disciplines (medical, food and lifestyle changes) your energy field is now strong and healthy. Sometimes, though, you may be still in the situation that caused the original problem (such as working at a computer station you cannot reconfigure). In this case, you may after several days or weeks notice you are slipping back into the old health issues; simply put the product back on.

Copper BraceletWe recommend you eventually switch between our Products with Purpose, such as our energy jewelry,  copper bracelets, stones, Slim Spurling, etc. It is a good policy to stimulate your personal energy field with different ways of clearing. A third dimensional tool can affect part of a larger more subtle field of energy but not all of it.

The subtle energy products of Crystal Life Technology have been tested in a variety of ways. Their capacities are charted best using “narrow net” diagnostic techniques. These tests are capable of perceiving subtle levels of energy. Effectiveness has been shown via vegetests, all of the subtle energy computerized technology now coming on the market such as the QXCI, GDV and aura cameras; via Kirlian photography and even by placing on some photocopiers. Our Products with Purpose have proven effective via various methods of kinesiology including muscle testing, biofeedback tests such as EEG and GSR, dowsing, use tests and animal tests.

Interdimensional Science

Many of Crystal Life Technology’s Products with Purpose incorporate an understanding of interdimensional science. This includes the knowledge of how to establish beneficial resonances to create self-sustaining energy grids that fulfill specific functions. You can visit our Spirit Art room to find information on these topics.

Crystal Life makes extensive use of resonant tools that help diagnose and alter non-beneficial energy frequencies. These include pendulums, which can be used for alternative therapy diagnostic dowsing as well as esoteric energy tuning. We also have merkabas and sacred geometries. Other products, such as our gemstone energy jewelry, sustain a specific frequency in your personal energy field. You can search for a specific stone or quality via our Search Box located at the top of every page.

We also carry Products with Purpose that clear your architectural environment. A number of our subtle energy products protect you from the frequency fences that are going up world-wide. Through various technical devices, such as televisions, computers, video games and cellular microwave devices, humanity is fencing itself in to limited, very strong bands of narrow wave lengths. These are preventing many from having access to more healing, nurturing, growth-inducing cosmic and earth energies. If you are seeking to prevent these limiting wave lengths from affecting your health and well-being, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to check out the wide variety of products available in our rooms.

Conscious Living and Gemstone Therapy

Our Resonance – Jewelry with Purpose, based on an awareness of light field structures, is available throughout our shop, including in our Energy area, prayer beads, sacred geometry pendants and Biomagnetic products. Indeed, this is a major specialty for Crystal Life Technology, which was founded in 1996 to meet the growing awareness that resonant subtle energy structures underlie all life forms of the universe. We can powerfully affect our everyday lives by what we keep around us, whether it is harmful or beneficial.

Crystal Life Technology’s Products with Purpose are concerned specifically with body, mind and spirit consciousness transformation. They assist with metaphysical consciousness raising. They also assist with energy field protection, helping prevent non-beneficial forces from taking up residence inside your personal fields and your living and working spaces. We work to provide the gemstone therapy, vibrational healing, dowsing, energy therapy and new age communities with high quality objects for their work. All our products come with a description of the energetic properties of the materials used.

Different gemstones and crystals have basic resonant molecular structures known by alternative healers to embody specific beneficial frequencies. These include love and compassion (rose quartz), balance (clear quartz), wisdom (amethyst), joy (citrine), protection (hematite), prosperity (turquoise), communication (sodalite), and specific combinations to align your chakras. You can learn about various stone properties through the Stones, Shells & Metals Index in our Library. You can use our Search Box to type in the name of specific stone you are interested in. A list of products will be displayed.

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