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Dynamic Chakra Prayer Beads Mala. Balance


Dynamic Chakra Prayer Beads help balance your energy by clearing and balancing the chakras. Excellent choice for balancing each chakra in sequence while doing japa / chanting of prayers. Learn more at our dedicated website


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Dynamic Chakra Prayer Beads

The nine gemstonesin this mala are: black onyx, red jasper, orange aventurine, yellow calcite, green African jade, pink rhodonite, blue sodalite, purple amethyst and clear quartz. This is our most powerful japa prayer bead mala; we’ve added in a special ceramic catalyst guide bead to the full length malas; its properties clear and energize both you and the beads.

Dynamic Chakra Prayer Beads are known in various traditions as Dynamic Chakra Malas, Dynamic Chakra Rosaries, and Dynamic Chakra Japa Beads. These are the Classic Count – 108 beads – used in most world traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and yoga. Peacefully USA handcrafted by Crystal Life’s own artisan energy workers.

These Dynamic Chakra Malas are crafted of top quality gemstones and are handknotted between each bead, for suppleness of use when rotating in prayers. You can select from medium 6 mm beads or large 8 mm beads. Included is a small booklet describing how to use your prayer beads and a card about the healing qualities of the gemstone.

HISTORY: I designed this chakra mala back in 1995 because I wanted something to help stabilize my energy throughout the day – I was living in New York City and working at the United Nations at that time. Heavy duty energy going on! This mala has a special ceramic catalyst bead in the meru (guide bead) position – it keeps the beads clear and helps strengthen and stabilize the body’s chakra energy even more. This is a workhorse combination for gemstone therapy lovers!


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