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Name Svadishthana Chakra: “Dwelling place of the self”. Sacral Chakra or Cross Center (sometimes referred to as Spleen Center, which is actually a secondary center or the 3rd chakra).
Location Upper part of sacrum, approximately at upper limit of pubic hair, opens forward.
Symbol/Yantra 6-petaled lotus. Circle with crescent.
Basic Principles
Sensation. Creative reproduction of being—sensation. Acquire power of love; love everyone and loved by everyone. “I rejoice in my desires and my pleasures”. Reason. Home of intellect, logic, analysis.
Often considered real seat of Shakti, female aspect of God. Water. Physical level: decontaminating functions of kidneys and bladder, digestive focus – analyzes food ingested, separating useful and transforming for use. Higher level: liberated, free-flowing feelings enabling one to see life ever-primordial and new, acceptance & integration of our feelings.
Primal feelings, flowing with life, sensuality, eroticism, creativity, awe and enthusiasm.
Ruling Planet Mercury
Astrological Sign Gemini. Cancer/Moon, Libra/Venus, Scorpio/Pluto.
Understanding Circular
Element Water (fertilizes, purifies, dissolves blockages)
Sounds D (re). 292.1 cycles per second. VAM. Flowing music (folk dances, dance music); birdsong, sound of running water, splashing of small indoor or outdoor fountain. short “o”, as in “November”. This sound sets off circular movement: sound start expresses emotional amazement and at sound end, when approaches a “u”, awakens emotional depth, leads to circular unity where Yin/Yang interact to form harmonious whole.
Color Orange-Red. According to Ayurveda, is inner color of water. Encourages self-esteem, increases joy from sensual pleasures. Also blood red.
Deity Vishnu. Shakti: Rakini.
Animal Crocodile
Plants, Aromas Ylang-ylang oil (feel safe, encourages to entrust to flow of feeling; dammed up feelings dissolved and carried away), sandalwood (integrate spiritual energies on all levels of thinking, feeling, acting). These two are considered either very spiritual (high level consciousness) or aphrodisiacs (low level consciousness).
Gemstones Amber. Carnelian (grounding energies into physical, brings into contact with beauty and creative energy of earth, helps live fully in present, stimulates concentration, brings back awe at miracles of Creation). Garnet (utilization of creative energy). Red Jasper. Moonstone (opens to own emotional richness, connects with sensitive, receptive, dreamlike part of self, accepting this and integrating. Takes away fear of emotions, harmonizing effect. Cleansing of blocked lymph glands, ensures female balanced hormone level). Ruby (creative energy developed to highest aspect of self). Red and Orange stones. Clear Quartz.
Nature Experience Moonlight (especially when full, brightens feelings, makes receptive to message of soul as revealed through dreams, imagination); clear water: if combine two, very beneficial.
Age 8 — 14
Sensory Function Taste
Body Issues: Parts, Glands, Hormones Genitals. Pelvic area, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, all liquids, such as blood, lymphatic fluid, digestive secretions, sperm. Liver/digestive: analyzes food ingested, separating useful and transforming for use. Higher level: acceptance and integration of our feelings. Reproductive glands, ovaries, prostrate gland, testicles. Estrogens, testosterone. Organ of cognition: tongue. Organ of action: hands.
Body Issues: Proper Functioning Purifies, starts things flowing. Natural flow of life and feelings. Creative life energy flowing through body, soul, mind. Utilization of creative forces in all aspects being. Emotionally gratified. Creative reproduction of being: sensation, sexuality, family, fantasy. Primal feelings, flowing with life, sensuality, eroticism, creativity, awe and enthusiasm.
Body Issues: Dark Aspects of Energy Here people fall from path of light and truth: lower vital sex forces try to lower consciousness of seekers but if can bring down purity from hearth chakra, ok.
Body Issues: Insufficient Functioning Usually traced back to childhood: parents suppress sexuality, transfer it. During puberty, you suppress sexual feelings, result in lack of self-esteem, emotional paralysis, sexual coldness: life seems dreary and not worth living.
Body Issues: disharmonious functioning Often originates during puberty with rules imposed by society, parents; negation or excessive fantasies or sex as drug. Lose sense of wonder at miracles of life. Restless, confused.
Body Issues: Physical Problems Impotence, frigidity. Affected by cycles of moon/emotions. Envy, jealousy.
Sleep Mode Prenatal position, 8 — 10 hours
Spin of the Chakra (facing the body) Female: right. Male: left.
Occupations When educated: logic, analysis. Pundits, pragmatists.
Yogic Discipline Tantra Yoga (sees nature as play between female and male energies, Shiva/Shakti, who bring forth visible world in never-ending dance of Creation).

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