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Malas, Prayer Beads

Gemstone Prayer Bead Malas support your spiritual practice. Whether you call your sincere efforts japa, prayer, reflection, meditation or chanting – there is no doubt that the combination of your dedication, the gemstone power and the combined intent of billions of seekers over thousands of years makes a powerful force for transformation of any situation. Handcrafted by Crystal Life’s own artisans. Learn more about prayer beads and how to work with them at

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  • Amethyst Prayer Beads Mala

    Amethyst Prayer Beads | Amethyst Mala

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Aquamarine Prayer Beads Mala

    Aquamarine Prayer Beads | Aquamarine Mala

  • Aventurine Prayer Beads Mala

    Aventurine Prayer Beads | Aventurine Mala

  • Placeholder

    Aventurine Sacred Space Prayer Beads

  • Black Onyx Prayer Beads Mala

    Black Onyx Prayer Beads | Black Onyx Mala

  • Bloodstone Prayer Beads | Bloodstone Mala

    Bloodstone Prayer Beads | Bloodstone Mala

  • Blue Lace Agate Prayer Beads | Blue Lace Agate Mala

    Blue Lace Agate Prayer Beads | Blue Lace Agate Mala

  • Botswana Agate Prayer Beads Mala

    Botswana Agate Prayer Beads | Botswana Agate Mala

  • Botswana Agate Sacred Space Prayer Beads | Large

    Botswana Agate Sacred Space Beads | Large

  • Carnelian Prayer Beads Mala

    Carnelian Prayer Beads | Carnelian Mala

  • carnelian sacred space

    Carnelian Sacred Space Prayer Beads

  • Chakra Prayer Beads | chakra mala

    Chakra Prayer Bead Mala – Stretch