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A geode begins as a molten volcanic flow and when it begins to harden, gasses form bubbles which are the outer shell of the geode. The gas and minerals then begin to form the inner surface of the geode. The outer shell consists of limestone, dolomite, clay or other hard stone.

Inward you will have amethystcitrineclear quartzcalcitechalcedony, or other minerals growing inward toward the center. Geodes usually range in size from one inch to two feet, on rarer occasions as large as six feet or more.

The Geode, depending on its core mineral, can assist in many ways. It assists greatly in meditation to see the bigger picture of a particular situation. You may use it to connect to your higher consciousness or your group consciousness.

A large geode may be placed in a room to draw in negative energies which it transmutes to positive energy. They may be used in healing grids or individually placed on the body for healings. The possibilities are endless for their uses.

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