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Crystal Children

Crystals are one of the energies who came in with the Indigos, and arrived more frequently after the Indigos began to slow in arrival. The Crystals are the next wave of energy and they are a mix of even more finely-tuned souls.

Crystals are generally under the age of 30. Their major difference from Indigos is most notably they don’t feel the need to buck against the system quite as much. Crystals can have Indigo traits, and this is most likely why some individuals continue to believe that Indigos are still arriving in mass. This is also exhibited in the number of Crystals engaging and finding resonance in the Occupy movement across the world.

Crystals are about acceptance-an open heart to all. Their perceptions are more expanded than Indigos, often seeing, hearing, and feeling at a level that is astounding and a tad frightening for the adults whom they have chosen as their parents.  When they are young, these gifts are often shared freely, but as they move into our manmade society and culture of old modalities they see that not everyone is like them, or has a family who openly supports their unique and beautiful souls with love and acceptance.

Just as the Indigos were here to shake up society and culture, thought processes and end power centered mentality, the Crystals are here to continue to make certain our world doesn’t slip back into the old ways. Those old ways would make our world evolution even more distressful and destructive to its entire population.

Crystals more often than not are sensitive to processed foods, to chemicals, even to such things as elastic or types of synthetic fabrics.  A clean diet is often essential to all children of the new consciousness and many parents find their behavior improves, as well as their grades, when they improve their diet and remove processed foods, glutens and dairy. Time spent in quiet is also crucial. They need time to disengage from the world, and engage in activities that produce a natural relaxed, hypnotic-like state. Here they will find center, and it will also allow for their gifts to emerge nicely. Meditation can be used at an early age if it is appropriate for the individual crystal in question.

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