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Whether you make your New Years Eve a yearly special event or usually plan to bring in the new year in your pajamas, welcoming in the new year is an important time energetically. It is a time of renewal, rebirth and release. Cleansing the energy in your home is a great way to renew your spiritual commitments. You can achieve this by burning sage or incense, placing crystals near your doors and opening your windows. Rebirth refers to bringing forth your best self again, remembering your creativity and resetting your goals (large and small). Release anything that no longer serves you. Have you maintained relationships with people who are toxic? Do you continue to support ideals that you no longer resonate with? It is time to let those go. If it is not in your best interest, helping you to grow and succeed, it does not serve you.

There are some crystals that are excellent to work with during this time of the year. These crystals are good for cleansing the energy in your home, resetting goals, expanding your meditation practice, inviting positive energy in, and so much more. Start the new year off right by taking the time to address the energetic issues in your home and your life. Small steps can lead to big results. Read about the crystals below and let your intuition guide you as to which ones you need.


Need some courage to stick to the changes you want to make? Amazonite is known as the stone of courage, the stone of truth and the stone of friendship, and for good reason. This stone supports your Heart and Throat Chakras, allowing you access to your true feelings and the ability to communicate your needs (and hear the needs of others) more clearly. Amazonite is also very soothing and calms frayed nerves.


The energy of Pyrite (also known as fools gold) attracts abundance and prosperity in all areas of life. It is also a very good defensive stone, keeping negative energies at bay. Pyrite helps with mental clarity and recall, so it is helpful for students or anyone who has a mentally taxing job.


Meditating with Selenite helps you hear messages from the universe and from your spirit guides. It allows your Third Eye and Crown Chakra to open up and your intuition to raise to new heights. Selenite is very useful for keeping negative energies out of your living or working spaces, as it creates a barrier that allows only positive energies to enter. 


Make wise choices when you work with Amethyst. This crystal is protective and has a powerfully high vibration. Amethyst is often used to help clear energetic blockages, to have more focus, and to relieve anxiety. Going into the new year with Amethyst nearby helps you decide what changes you want to make and how you’ll manifest your desires. 


Give your chances of success a boost with Carnelian. After you’ve set your intentions, meditate with Carnelian and see how much easier it is to bring about the manifestation of your goals. Carnelian is warming, protective, motivating and lifts your mood. If you need help with grounding, this is an excellent crystal for you.

Care & Other Information

All gemstones are unique and special. Variation in color and inclusions are natural and to be expected.. 

Bathe in full moonlight regularly to energize crystals. Cleanse regularly by placing on a piece of selenite or by moving through the smoke of sage. Honor your jewelry by removing it daily, allowing it to rest.

Crystal Life’s staff and local artisan crafters are energy practitioners of various disciplines. We work with hand-selected, top quality gemstones and materials. Our original designs are based on our knowledge of ancient and contemporary energy modalities.  

Crystal Life is renowned for its peaceful energy, which comes from our commitment to work in respectful cooperation with all life forms, including product, staff, and our in-store and online customers.  

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Disclaimer: Crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore are not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor or licensed medical practitioner for all health issues.




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