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Who are you? Why are you here? We have been asking these questions all of our lives, myself included. These questions deserve answers that I cannot answer for you, nor you for me.

We are all here to find our TRUE SELVES. Many find themselves quickly while others seem to take a lifetime to do so. Some of us are born knowing, while others experience karmic trials, learning experiences and yes, lessons learned. We will all reach our goal when the time is right. What must be realized is that you are always where you are supposed to be. That includes those trials and traumas, the hardships, sadness and joys of life.

Here we must ask what is the lesson to be learned so that I may move forward. As I have asked myself let me ask you, where are you at on your journey? Think about it if you will, do not tell me, the answer is yours alone. Many thoughts and questions present themselves to us in life and are at times dis- concerting . Here are a few that may have presented themselves to you. 1. I just do not know who I am.  2. I do not know what it is I am supposed to do. 3. What is my life path, my destiny? 4. Why can’t I ever get past square one? Who, what and why seem to be the questions we ask ourselves repeatedly.

The answers we get seem to be overpowering and sometimes self-defeating. Perhaps we should change those questions and ask: 1. How do I get past this situation? What do I need to learn from it? 2. How do I overcome this obstacle, I know I can?

First, you are in charge of your life. Others may offer you advise, tell you what you must do. Ultimately the decision is always yours. It is between you and your guides. You must be true to yourself. I am not saying advice given is bad or incorrect. What I am saying is that it is your life and your choice to make the necessary decisions.I have received just such advice from friends,family and trusted mentors. Even so I Chrysoprasehave followed and not followed becoming the stronger for my personal decisions.

Let me see if I can help you with your questions. How does one find True Self? First one needs to find Self. Those Who am I , Why am I here questions. Go to your Heart of Hearts. There you will find the Secret Chamber of the Heart, see there you are red the One Heart Meditation Blog for more information. Truth may be received from others but ultimately your Heart will reveal it to you. It does not, cannot lie, when truth is the answer you seek. It may be harsh truth, perhaps even a tough love truth, but it is and will be your truth. Listen to it, follow it, change to conform to it. Become your Truth. Achieve your TRUE SELF.

Stones to assist you in finding True Self:

Agate – acceptance of one’s self.

Chrysoprase – opposes misjudgement of selfor of others.

Rhyolite – Anchors one to the present moment.

Sodalite – Removes mental conditioning, supports self truth.

Lapis Lazuli – Helps and supports confronting truth .

Rhodochrosite – Helps one face truth about self and others assisting with changes needed.

Pietersite – Connects to inner guidance enabling recognition of truth or falsehood of self or others.

Prasiolite – Connects one strongly to their heart and the truth of others hearts


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