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Very often, when we are upset, it is because some level of energy has cut across ours and is limiting our access to our own infinitely renewable energy source. So we want to see/feel/sense this situation, and correct it. We can often do this by “centering.”

There are a number of ways to center. In this four-part series, we will share with you main methods commonly used worldwide. We invite your comments, responses, and suggestions for other ways as well; through sharing, we all grow in knowledge.

Here is a technique I use both in classes, and for myself. It might prove useful to you as well:

Centering while seated or standing

There is a column of energy that passes through the human body, referred to in some traditions as the central channel. This channel, or column of energy, connects all the way up into source spirit (sometimes referred to as God, the masculine energy, vision, spirit) and all the way down into source spirit (in this direction sometimes referred to as the Cosmic Mother, the feminine energy, manifestation).

Along this central column there are a number of major stopping points – these are known as the seven (or more, in some traditions) major chakras. The core chakra is the heart chakra, located in the middle of the chest within the central column. This is the point where the soul begins its descent into matter and where it withdraws to in deep meditation, contemplation and death. From the soul the light force energy expands out in both directions along the central channel, and ideally keeps the individual in permanent contact with both the father and the mother energies (which keeps the individual clear and energized). However, in our world at the present time, there are numerous blockages to the clear flow of energy through the central column, and it is our challenge to learn to see and clear these blockages so that we are consciously and continually in contact with ultimate source of all energy while in form.

So – standing quietly, feel a column of light coming down from spirit through the top of your head (the diameter of the column from the size of a dime to some 3″). Feel it pass through your body and down into the core of the earth. You can feel the energy stop there, in the white light of the earth mother, or you can continue on through that point to the universal mother source of all existence.

Feel the light clearing any blockages along its route of descent. Then, gradually, feel the light cycling back up through you, in a long oval pattern, from the mother to the father energy. And then back down, back up – cycling the energy in a closed manner between the two polarities of universal consciousness. As it cycles, it gradually clears the debris blocking its path, and so clears you.

Then, when you are done clearing, rest at the heart center chakra point inside your chest. Feel the 2-way column of energy pulling in to pass through the heart both ways. Stabilize yourself.

Next, count to three and on 3 make a quiet “puff” of air with your mouth, seeing the light of your heart chakra expand outwards and circle your entire body. See how far it extends, forming a globe, or merkaba, of light. Feel that light permeate the energetic membrane surrounding your energy field at that particular place, or point of resonance. Let it circle your body, clearing and re-weaving any tears in the energetic fabric of your own energy field. Let it pulsate and clear your energy.

When you feel energetically full or peaceful, bring your focus back into your heart center – your merkaba will remain pulsing with its light feeding. See your central channel as sealed top and bottom in the all-knowing energy of father/mother. And return to normal consciousness.

You should feel much more peaceful at this point.

This same procedure can be done sitting.When standing, the energy flows through the top of the head and out the base of the body, down through the space between the legs. When sitting, the energy flows through the top of the head and out of the base of the body and the arms and legs are treated as appendages; you are not concerned with their positioning other than sitting cross-legged with hands folding in your lap is a classic yogic position and sitting in a chair is a more Western approach. In either position, hands can rest in various positions (folded in your lap or on resting up or down on either knee).

The image used at the top of this blog is from Babara Brennan’s classic work, Hands of Light. It shows the energy field when standing. Ms. Brennan has the first fully accredited licensed school for energy work, located in Florida. Click here to learn more about her work.

The schematic below shows a classic yogic method of cycling of energy, known as working with the kundalini. In this situation, the practitioner is concerned solely with working in a self-contained manner, clearing the energy specifically within their own body chakra system. They are pulling in cosmic energy from the connection each chakra has with a specific band of universal energy. The yogic tradition is impressive in its energetic understanding of the human body, and it provides many methods for rotating energy through the human body. This schematic is from the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga site, and you may wish to explore their site to learn more about various classic yogic methodologies.

In general, methods done sitting or standing have been utilized by various religions and spiritual practices while that done while lying down is associated more with the shamanic traditions, crystal healers and the earth grid practitioners. There are also natural earth healing methods done by connecting to tree energy and to rocks. We will cover these methodologies in the remaining three parts of this series.

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