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Over the Years as I Visit the Nose

Sometimes it’s fun – and a learning experience – to track favorite trees and see how they’ve changed over the years. One of my favorites I have been tracking since 2004 is a tree I call The Nose because of this prominent feature! He resides at a local preserve and I photograph him every few years.

Crystal Reality | The Growing Popularity of Crystals

Once upon a time, not so long ago, anyone who loved and collected crystals was likely a geologist or was considered a “free-loving hippie.” Thankfully, much of the world is awakening to the beauty and power of crystal energy. It seems everyone has begun using crystal energy to provide uplifting energy during their day.

Earth is a Reward for the Brave

“There are very few places in the universe in which physical form has evolved to as sophisticated a level as it has on earth. Earth is not a punishment, as many of the lower levels of all religions try to tell us. It is an opportunity for consciousness to manifest its individual capacity down into the gross physical level of existence.”

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