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Cancer (June 22 – July 22) is the fourth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Crab. It is a Cardinal Water sign ruled by the Moon. Loyalty, sensitivity, and imagination are the pillars of this sign. They are gentle but protective of their inner circle; Cancer people are the type to drop everything when someone they love is in need. At the same time, their devotion can be misinterpreted as overbearing, and Crabs are known to get emotionally insecure or defensive if they feel left out or unwanted. With good friends and security, Cancer folk can be some of the best friends anyone could ask for.

We recommend these crystals for those born under Cancer, as well as to all people during this sign’s dates:

Crystals for Cancer

Moonstone Chip Necklace

Moonstone Chip Necklace

Pearl – Pearl is excellent at promoting deep faith, integrity, and purity, which are all traits inherent to Cancer. This gemstone’s connection to Water, Moon, and Goddess energy allows it to deeply connect with and bring out this sign’s best traits.

Moonstone – This is a stone of new beginnings that gets its energy from Cancer’s ruling planet. Moonstone helps Cancers apply their intuition and balance their emotions.

Beryl – A crystal for creativity, beryl helps with positive expression. Using it can help Cancer set their priorities and recognize when they’ve done enough. It is also helpful for shedding worry and emotional baggage.

Ruby or Garnet– Cancers can wear ruby to gain a better sense of their potential. It has the ability to guide this sign’s inner passion with vigor to manifest their own ambitions in a positive manner.

Sapphire – This blue gemstone is helpful for guiding Cancer’s sense of intuition. It is also a talisman of protection and good fortune, shielding this sign’s sensitive side. 

Care & Other Information

All gemstones are unique and special. Variation in color and inclusions are natural and to be expected.. 

Bathe in full moonlight regularly to energize crystals. Cleanse regularly by placing on a piece of selenite or by moving through the smoke of sage. Honor your jewelry by removing it daily, allowing it to rest.

Crystal Life’s staff and local artisan crafters are energy practitioners of various disciplines. We work with hand-selected, top quality gemstones and materials. Our original designs are based on our knowledge of ancient and contemporary energy modalities.  

Crystal Life is renowned for its peaceful energy, which comes from our commitment to work in respectful cooperation with all life forms, including product, staff, and our in-store and online customers.  

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Disclaimer: Crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore are not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor or licensed medical practitioner for all health issues.

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