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Atala Dorothy Toy started Crystal Life Technology, Inc in 1995. She tells us:

I left my job at the United Nations Development Programme because I wanted to pro-actively devote my time to providing people with natural ways to live in harmony with nature and the universe.

My dream started with an appreciation for the health benefits of rocks, crystals and gemstone jewelry – they had helped me recover from very serious environmental health issues. I started very small, selling at New York City’s colorful street fairs and an on-line website. crystal-life.com is one of the first websites for natural living products that began emerging in the new internet markets of the mid 1990s.

Garnet sacred space with some focal point suggestions

From the start we focused on Jewelry with Purpose® – and determined to make the combination of gemstones a true free will choice of the wearer. To that end, we handcrafted gemstone jewelry focused on one stone, with pendants you add on as you wish. That way, if you need amethyst (wisdom) to combine with love, you can add on a rose quartz pendant. If another day you need joy, well, switch it out for a citrine pendant! Or try a Garnet (self esteem) necklace with an Aum pendant, or cross!

I didn’t know a lot about crystals at the start. But…I DID know how to communicate with the crystals. That was a skill I had just acquired, and my inner team and I were looking for ways to validate the truth of our interdimensional communication skills.

So we would agree on a project – one I was especially fond of was a bracelet that could help make “change” a pleasant experience. In this situation, the stone devas wanted me to combine several stones, but neither they nor I knew how to convey the necessary stone name

Being lucky enough to live in New York City at that time, the stone devas asked me to set aside a day of visiting the wholesale bead sellers – ones with a lot of product on their shelves. We set the intention – “I need a bracelet for change.” Once in the store, they requested I slowly run my hand over the hanks of beads until they told me to stop. Then we’d select the stone, size, shape and number to use before going on to the next bead for the project. For this bracelet, we ended up with unakite and pyrite!

Bracelet for Change

This bracelet is still one of my favorites. Not only does it help with change of lifestyle, it helps with women’s hormonal changes, both PMS and menopause! Live and learn – that’s how I became expert in communication with other species!

It’s amazing how one can look back at past events with nostalgia. It was fun and mind-blowing that I was in communication with beings from other realms. It was amazing that they were so kind and companionly. It was amazing that they were able to combine individual items to create an overall valid energy field.

Of course, at that time I was also worried whether others could feel what I was being shown. And what would happen if people knew I believed I could talk with rocks. That, too, is in the past. The products my team and I have created have stood the test of time, from chakra prayer beads to energy jewelry to limited edition portal pendants. They’ve been tested and proven by all the various subtle energy modalities.

The Next Chapter

After many decades serving others with her passion Atala, Crystal Life’s Founder, made the decision to move into her next chapter and move into retirement. As determined as ever Atala was left with a decision to make that would determine the fate of Crystal Life. After extensively reviewing the options available she felt the store must remain and that its character could best be preserved if it was left to the attention of those who knew it best.

She wrote:

 “I am very pleased to let our customers and friends know that Crystal Life is heading into 2021 stock full of new ideas, new energy, new products – and new owners. After 25 years founding and building Crystal Life into an established source for crystals and metaphysical information and products, I’m now personally stepping aside for the younger generation to take over. Two of our long-time employees have purchased the company and are eager to serve. They are all accomplished energy workers. As for me – I’m delighted to go smell the roses (and photograph them as well)! You can keep up with my nature spirit art and comments at AtalaToy.com.

I wish you all the best and may this new year bring healthy, positive energy for us all.

Atala Toy, President Emeritus

Crystal Life is Co-owned today by those trusted by Atala to carry the torch, President and Vice President of the company Joe Foglia and Jeremy Pena

We want to be a part of your change – of your journey to personal awareness and self-empowerment. We are here to help you Empower your life & grow in Spiritual strength as you live your #CrystalLife

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