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Crystal Life’s Gemstone Prayer Beads bring together the power of prayer, the power of tradition, and the power of gemstones. Sometimes also called Gemstone Malas – which means a garland of flowers (prayers) in Sanskrit – we recommend you follow the ancient yogic practice of placing your intent into your prayer beads – then wearing your “garland” around your neck or wrist. This enables your prayerful intent, and the universe’s supportive response, to be present with you throughout your day. Prayer beads are the original “Jewelry with Purpose!”

Working with prayer beads brings you to a place of inner power – and peace. Through focus on your japa (chanting) practice, you move into a place where negativity, stress and needless mind chatter are not present – only peace. Prayer beads have universal appeal, for they cross cultural boundaries and religions.

Labradorite Prayer Beads

Labradorite Prayer Beads


These gemstone prayer beads are part of the energy-focused products, tools, and jewelry offered by Crystal Life Technology, Inc.

Known in various traditions as yoga prayer beads, malas, rosaries, tasbih and misbaha, these gemstone prayer beads have been crafted to resonate with the user’s personal intentions.

Crystal Life has been handcrafting gemstone prayer beads since 1996. Working with top quality gemstones and crystals, and 100% silk cord, our in store artisans peacefully handknot the silk between each bead, for strength and suppleness during use. These prayer beads fold gracefully into the palm during use, and feel full of flowing grace while worn.

Crystal Life believes strongly in the power of intent and the power of form. Therefore all our crafters are energy workers who, understanding that consciousness affects all, do their work in a peaceful state of mind, with the intent of the highest good for the mala’s final owner. These prayer beads arrive at your door clear in spirit and ready for you to provide them with your specific prayer or intent.

Your Gemstone Prayer Bead Choices

Prayer BeadsWe want you to have the best possible tools to work with, when you devote your time and energy to doing japa, mantra or prayer. For that reason, you can select from over 30 different gemstone prayer beads, each of which enhances your practice with its own type of energy. Our most popular gemstone prayer beads are amethyst (wisdom)rose quartz (love)aventurine (new growth)bloodstone (courage & leadership) chakra, and black onyx (self-mastery).

We craft out Prayer Beads in two different sizes each containing 108 beads.  The Smaller of the two is constructed with 6mm beads (about the size of a medium green pea) with a larger 8mm guru bead, and our large sized Prayer Beads consist of 8mm beads with a 10mm guru bead.

Our classic prayer beads are strung on silk cord, hand-knotted between each bead, with a larger guide bead (also known as a meru, guru or focal bead) from which hangs a luxuriously thick tassel fashioned by us from the same silk cord.

To many, the tassel symbolizes the root of the lotus, from which the stem of the flower of enlightenment grows. To others, it serves as a path by which anything unnecessary to your prayer is removed by the guru, or guide, and passes harmlessly into the universe. The focal bead is important because it is the protective energy keeping the power of your prayer in place.

Other Prayer Bead Styles and our Power Bracelets

Citrine Power Bracelet

Citrine Power Bracelets

For convenience, some people want a stretch prayer bracelet that they can wear and use throughout the day in place of a full length mala. Crystal Life offers a popular contemporary version of this. Known as our Power Bracelets and Power Mini Bracelets, they are handcrafted on clear stretch cord.

Our Power Bracelets are made of the same 8 mm gemstones as our regular full length malas and our Power Mini Bracelets are made of the same 6mm Beads found on our medium full length malas. The one difference here is that the count is not a classic quarter count; it varies according to the size of the individual beads and the bracelets size. This is so that it fits properly on the wrist. We keep both large and small sizes of of each bracelet in stock and regularly create any custom sizes for those interested.

As a service, we provide at cost black plastic unknotted prayer beads for those incarcerated.  This style prayer bead is Duns certified, and we work with many chaplains across the country to provide these to their prisons.

Number is important – it connects to universal will. Therefore, we offer you the option to work with a sacred number that is significant in your particular discipline. For no extra cost, you can request of us a specially crafted mala with a specific count. Our standard prayers beads use a 108 bead count; this is called the classic count and it is used in the majority of traditions, including Buddhist, Hindu, Yogic and Christian. We also offer the Islamic 99 count prayer beads (also know as misbaha and tasbih) in a knotted style. Other counts we have had requests for are the Kabbalistic 72 count and the Pagan 80 count. Some Christians prefer the 100 count, and we provide that as well. To meet the needs of vegans, we can also handcraft our prayer beads on 100% cotton cord.

We offer restringing of prayer beads and bracelets we have handcrafted, for that time when, after long and intense use, you need to recondition your devotional pieces. This work is done with great respect for all you have imparted to the prayer beads since you began your work. We cannot restring prayer beads made by others, as often these beads have small, uneven holes our cord will not pass through. 

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