Crystal Life Technology and Its Staff

A Natural Living Store, Crystal Life Technology, Inc. is located West of Chicago in historic downtown Geneva, IL.

Crystal Life provides Products with Purpose® and operates from the core belief that when we work in harmony with our natural environment – everyone benefits. In our store and at our website, Crystal Life provides you with an extensive collection of products and services whose unifying theme is cooperation with nature for mutual well-being.

Crystal Life is the hub of a wheel of healthy options that range from products to services and clubs. Our staff consists of energy workers trained in a variety of alternative modalities. Each one of us is available to assist you in selecting the right option for your current need.

Crystal Life’s products include mineral specimens, crystal healing stones and jewelry, energy tools from runes to pendulums, musically attuned windchimes, sacred image and gemstone statues, cleansing supplies such as salt lamps, incense and smudge wands, nature spirit cards, informative books and soothing CDs.

teaching at storeOur services include free Saturday morning classes on subtle energy topics. We also founded and support two groups for learning and socializing – ISIC (The Institute for the Study of Interdimensional Cooperation) and Blue Papaya (for youth with extended perceptions).

You can learn more about these events and groups on our website, and connect with us via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Our Origins

Crystal Life was founded by Atala Dorothy Toy, whose career has focused on communication and consciousness.

In 1996, following a life-threatening bout of environmental illness, Atala left her job at the United Nations in New York City and started Crystal Life Technology, Inc. She wanted to provide tools and products for a public increasingly isolated from nature’s healing processes due to the irresponsible growth of modern technology.

Atala spent the next decade traveling the national body/mind/spirit circuit. She led workshops, wrote books and sold subtle energy products – including her own award-winning designs – both at shows and on the web. is one of the original and oldest of the internet holistic sites.

In 2003, Atala was asked by spirit to stop traveling, settle down in Illinois’ gentle Fox River Valley, and open a store that would be of service to the aware and awakening public who want healthy living options.

Our Focus

Crystal Life’s core theme is service. Finding natural solutions for our customers’ energetic needs is the reason we have chosen every product in our subtle energy boutique.

Crystal Life’s healthy living “helper tools” are products, jewelry and services that assist the user to accomplish some specific purpose or function.

Whether the customer’s desire is to look beautiful naturally, correct energy imbalances, find the perfect gift, or socialize with like-minded people – Crystal Life provides options.

These products and services do not do the work for you—they support you as you work to determine how you personally wish to handle your current focus. We help you locate a solution for a naturally healthy way to proceed, stabilize, clear and strengthen the healthy energy you want to establish in your life.

Crystal Life StoreMany customers comment on the extraordinary peace and well-being they feel when entering our store. This positive energy comes from the inherent energy of the products themselves, and the focus on positive service by our expert energy staff. We serve your needs by regularly clearing the energy in our store and products via various protocols. Ask us how we do this; we are happy to share our methods.

Our Award-Winning Products

Crystal Life hand-selects every product we provide, including hundreds of mineral specimens selected for their specific energetic properties. There are products based on ancient sacred technologies that connect to the core spirit of the universe, such as sacred geometry, ritual products and sacred images of guides and guardians.

Many of our products are our own design. Our own designs include all the Resonance® Jewelry with Purpose® items you see – pendants, gemstone jewelry, energy jewelry and prayer beads. We handcraft these Products with Purpose® right here in the Fox River Valley.

Our outstanding crafters focus on providing highly energized products. We have been nationally recognized for our work, several of our jewelry designs, and our website, winning awards from COVR – the Coalition of Visionary Resources.

We recommend you maintain the high energy of your purchases by regularly cleansing and energizing your stones and jewelry. This enables these real, conscious life forms to have the strength to continue helping you! The variety of cleansing and energizing options include salt lamps, incense, smudge sticks, pendulums, cleansing mineral specimens, resonant ceramics and sacred geometry life force energy tools.

Various of our products are USPTO trademarked to Crystal Life Technology, Inc, including Crystal Life®, Crystal Life Technology®, Jewelry with Purpose®, Products with Purpose®, and Resonance® 

Nature SpiritsAtala’s award-winning Crystal Life® nature spirit photographs and cards are portrait studies of real life forms who have manifested in rocks and trees, and these include gnomes, elves, greenmen and greenwomen. We also carry two books by Atala – We are Not Alone: A Guidebook for Interdimensional Cooperation; and Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to Talk With and Photograph Life Forms of Other Realms.

Information Services

Don’t forget to sign up for our local and national newsletters, in which we offer tips and discount coupons.

Visit our website on a daily basis to read our Blogs written by our staff members and to see photos of nature spirits submitted by the public in the From Our Friends blog.

Our library has extensive articles and audio/visual offerings. These include a fully-illustrated healing crystals index, a study of the chakra system, and audio-visual downloads and information.

You can connect with us via several Facebook pages that reflect our different focus areas: Crystal Life; Blue Papaya-Geneva; ISIC-Geneva; and Atala Toy-Author.

You can also connect via our Crystal Life Pinterest page and Twitter.

If you are looking for local alternative practitioners – we keep a book of their calling cards at the store, which we encourage you to make use of.

Up-coming events are listed on our Events page. You can check out the topics for all of our free weekly Saturday morning workshops, which include learning how to work with a pendulum, various energy tools and various energy modalities. Atala’s travel and workshops are also listed.

Also listed on the Events page are the topics of the monthly (winter) and twice a month (good weather) Blue Papaya meetings where youth with extended perceptions, ages 8 to 23, socialize and learn from local experts. The topic of the free monthly ISIC gathering for alternative and holistic practitioners is listed as is the up-coming quarterly workshop ISIC sponsors, where experts teach the public about various holistic subjects.

Our Store Staff

When you visit our store in Geneva, or call for assistance, you will be speaking with one of these staff members:

Atala Toy blue Atala Dorothy Toy, President
Atala is an interdimensional communicator, subtle energy expert, practicing yogi, and nature spirit photographer. With over half a century of experience in the field of subtle energy, Atala brings a wealth of information to her work as the founding president of Crystal Life Technology.



Tammy Van SleeTammy Van Slee, Manager
Tammy is our store manager. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her job from other retail positions and is also a professional portrait photographer. Tammy has been with us for over four years.





Grandfather-Buffalo-3 Gary Lupton
Gary leads many of our Saturday morning free workshops and is always ready to assist you in your selection of crystals, usually in the store on Fridays and Saturdays. While Gary trained with a Blackfoot shaman and is part Cherokee, he presents from a non-tribal perspective. He works via many different disciplines, including animal communication and land clearing.



Sarah Wolf-1

Sarah Wolfe
Our youngest staff member and an old soul, Sarah’s deep interest in helping people return to earth-based holistic disciplines has already provided her with a broad knowledge of herbs and healing crystals. She likes to help our customers find a natural solution to their needs! Sarah is a hybrid writer (poetry and non-fiction), studying her craft at Columbia College of Chicago. Sarah is a sales associate.




Stephanie Brown-1

Stephanie Brown
Stephanie is a shamanic cranial sacral therapist. She teaches and practices out of Downers Grove. Stephanie wears multiple hats at Crystal Life. She coordinates our crafters, is a crafter herself, and also a sales associate. Stephanie has a real passion for understanding and helping people.




Victor Van Slee

Victor Van Slee
Victor is another of our younger staff members, also a college student and also one of the Crystal Youth who are transforming our world. He is especially proficient at setting up crystal grids, and we coax him into teaching this class at least once a year! Victor is a sales associate.