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Psychic Chakra Prayer Beads Mala. Balance


Psychic Chakra Prayer Bead Malas balance the gentle, subtle energies so significant to your spiritual development. There are nine different crystals and gemstones, each relating to one of the seven major body chakras.


3 in stock


3 in stock

Psychic Chakra Prayer Beads

These Psychic Chakra Prayer Bead Malas are USA Handcrafted of top quality healing crystals. They are the Classic Count – 108 beads – used in most world traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and yoga.

The bead order is: base chakra – smokey quartz and carnelian; sacral chakra – orange aventurine; solar plexus chakra – yellow calcite; heart chakra – green aventurine and rose quartz; throat chakra – blue lace agate; third eye chakra – amethyst; crown chakra – clear quartz. Strung on silk cord of varying soft colors, beads are large 8mm size (the size of a chickpea). The larger turquoise guide bead is a special ceramic catalyst that clears subtle frequency, both of the gemstones and of yourself.

These Psychic Chakra Malas are crafted of top quality gemstones and are handknotted between each bead, for suppleness of use when rotating in prayers. You can select from medium 6 mm beads or large 8 mm beads. Included is a small booklet describing how to use your prayer beads and a card about the healing qualities of the gemstone. Learn more, including some classic mantras, at our dedicated website .

April 2018 Staff Favorite

What is a more natural array of colors than those associated with the chakras! These are colors emerging from the light fields themselves, and relate to specific spectrums of energy. As we move into the Spring months with the blossom of colors of all kinds, wearing chakra jewelry that displays the full spectrum of color energy is a good way to bring Spring inside our own personal lives. ~ Atala


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