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Most of us who work with inner guides have at some point felt that our inner team, or guides, have deserted us. It is a very distressing period for a person, because up to that point we have considered ourselves blessed to have such wise colleagues to consult with, and protect us in our work.

Atala ToyWe have been conversing regularly with our inner teams of guides and co-workers. Suddenly, when seeking assistance on a matter – nothing – silence.

When we become concerned, and call intensely to our formerly very loyal team, many of us receive the simple answer: Do it yourself.

Do it yourself. Wow. What does that mean. You’ve left us? We insulted you somehow? Some great cosmic interference is occurring? Hey, how about a clue!

Well, here’s the answer I’ve gotten, and when shared with others, they realize it is the message they have been getting as well, and haven’t acknowledged. It’s time to grow up. It’s time to do it yourself.

We humans are like youth who have been protected by loving parents until, one day, we reach the age when we must go off on our own. These teams of guides are telling many energy workers – it is time to grow up and use all the good training you’ve received to make your own energetic decisions. Your colleagues are still around – but we’ve stepped back because it’s time to do it yourselves!

The time at which energy workers could leave earth is past. Over the past decade, many a good energy worker was called home to the other side. It’s been a difficult time for us, seeing so many friends and society leaders suddenly called away, often without any apparent reason or premonition it was going to occur. But now we who remain are the ones who’ve chosen – or have been chosen – to accept the next level of challenge – of fashioning a new world-wide social fabric. It is we who need to fashion methods to live holistically – or spiritually – in the new world our earth is how embarked upon.

This time the old world has indeed ended – but not in fire or water – instead it is in consciousness – in the fifth element, ether. It is a change so radical that many humans have not been able to cross that divide and are still stuck on the other side – in the old consciousness. Those who have crossed over discover we are in totally new territory. It is territory anchored on earth. It requires new rules to succeed, to thrive. Our own personal teams of inner guides are not in earthly form right now, so they are not able to assist us in these adaptations. That is our job, our function as the earth-based part of our own individual team.

We’ve been trained, conversed with, cooperated with, and protected by these beings in other worlds. And now it is time for us to step up to the challenges presented. To think quickly and deeply, to adapt for ourselves so that we may eventually console and guide those humans who have chosen or been forced to go forward, and are rapidly entering into this situation as well.

Consciousness emerges from spirit into matter. Those who are able to transition easily between the two are the ones who experience the new energies first. They are the pioneers who must map the way, so that as consciousness descends, pathways exist for others to locate, see, follow and adapt for themselves.

So, on the other side of our guides “disappearing,” on the other side of “grow up and do it yourself,” we come to a point of consciousness where our inner teams reappear – but we are now, still in human body, associating with them on more advanced levels of loving consciousness. We have refined our own selves, our own abilities to act in spirit while in form. And we are now more able than ever to help ourselves, our world, and other humans who are entering into this same irreversible process of the global consciousness transformation.

Before your personal transformation, you were conversing as equals with your team. Now it is necessary for you to step up to a higher level of human responsibility. You, the human on the team, need to discover the way forward for other matter-based earth beings. Only a human, in body, can make the decisions that will deeply influence the course our civilization is embarking upon.

If you are experiencing this situation – congratulations! You are part of the awakening that is taking place now. Put on your cap of bravery, dig deep, plumb your own inner wisdom – and become part of the solution for a wiser, more mature humanity.

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