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There are many systems for keeping the energy of a home, workplace or room clean and properly energized. As a dowser and energy worker, I find one that is often overlooked is communicating with the interdimensional guardian of that space. Establishing clear, conscious communication with the life force energy who exists within a specific place is one of those “of course!” moments.

Look at it this way. There are no voids in the universe. Inside whatever appears to be a void is an energy we simply do not yet comprehend. The hard sciences keep proving this to us over and over – for example, they have discovered that so-called “black holes” are vibrant with life force energy and the far reaches of dark space, when viewed through a strong enough telescope or the traveling Hubble Space Telescope, reveal millions of more galaxies just outside our sight.

goblinThe same is true with the space you occupy at home and work. It is not empty: it is full of thoughts, feelings – and beings or life force energy. Now you can ignore this “500 hundred pound gorilla in the room” or you can learn to be aware of this reality, and learn to work with these energies. The benefit of being aware far out-weighs staying “ignorant” of this situation.

And, in actuality, if you look at the situation above time and space – ALL existence, through any time and location, exists simultaneously exactly where you are right now. It is “simply” what you choose to focus on – to give your personal attention and life force to – that determines what you will experience. This is, of course, based on the limits you have placed on your own infinite abilities to discern consciousness.

If you believe that you are spirit choosing to reside inside a body, then you can only extend this to understand that you can learn to connect to spirit at any level. You just need to adjust your energetic sight to do so.

These are a lot of “just”s and “simply”s. But the challenge, for those of us who can see into other dimensions and who can communicate with beings from other realms, is to figure out the next logical step for our abilities.

I would like to posit that it is to consciously work with these beings for the betterment of us all. To work together to make a better universe for all.

Now here’s the rub – the type of communication that is possible is also infinite in form. You can approach it as a scientist seeking information from, say, the life forms of the cellular level world. Or you can look at it from the point of view of creating a healthy, happy, positive environment inside your own room, home, workplace, community.

All these are options that the one Source has left open for all its creation to explore.

So, sit down, get quiet, relax, and speak to the space you are occupying. You can “imagine” you hear a response – words, feelings, knowings. We start with “imagining” because that frees up the mind to break out of current boundaries and imagine other possibilities. Whatever you can imagine – is a reality in some world or another, if only right now in your own mind. You are setting forth a thought form – a seed that will grow into a reality. OR – you are connecting into another frequency or realm of existence where real beings live and are able to interact with you.

Either way, together, you can start to affect positive change in your environment. You can set up a test situation with the energy: establish a goal, together, which if achieved indicates that the life form is real and cooperation is available.

As you do this, over time, your inner observation muscles grow and develop, and you can achieve more. The thing that helps keep you on track is approaching it scientifically. Once contact is established, you are looking to – kindly – track the interactions, and refine them. Can contact be replicated? Does the energy feel consistent each time? Is the energy positive and non-harmful to any living being? Can you make a work contract with the life form, with goals and time frames, and have it come true?

All these are testing and proving processes that work interdimensionally much the way relationships do in the human realm. What you put into it, you get out of it. Sometimes relationships work and last, and sometimes they don’t and disintegrate.

But…bottom line…these forces exist, and being aware of them, being able to decipher their motives and objectives, is much more useful to you than pretending they don’t exist – and either having them unconsciously affect you – or missing the opportunity to make positive changes in your world.

Stones are very useful for this work and here are some I recommend.

Quartz globes. This enables you to go inside the balanced merkaba energy around all life forms, and to safely learn to travel through time/space.

You can use the following singly or in combination. Used in combination these offer a complete energy “cocktail” for helping you deal with any situation you encounter energetically. You can use specimens or combine a pendant of each and wear them together.

Quartz – any configuration. Quartz is, molecularly, a star tetrahedron and working with a piece helps you to stay in balance as you inwardly travel through time/space.

Selenite. Keeps energy clear and aligned and is useful for clearing out energetic debris in a room or inside a person.

Kyanite. Especially blue. Aligns energy, is self-clearing. Helps manifest energy correctly at the body level. Often grows in combination with quartz so clears and balances.

Tourmaline. Especially black. Clears out negative energies and entities, so that beneficial energies predominate.



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