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The ability to connect with Guides and Angels is something that all of Man/woman kind has in common. Many will be specific in the guides connected to, whether by culture or religion, all are valid. Some would define it as my inner wisdom, my intuitive nature. Others may talk about the still small voice or the gut feeling. So to speak of guides we are speaking to that which give us direction in life.silent full

Having said that, we each have different ways of communication. Certain ones will hear the voice of the guide either audibly or telepathically(in their head). Others will feel the presence of their guides or even see them visually. Then there are those who do none of the above, but know they are receiving guidance and from which guide the message is from. These ways all lead to a rich and interesting experience. Again, other people will not make one move without consulting their guides and angels. This is all well and good, but do we need guidance on every move we make? Shouldn’t we seek guidance selectively or just open the whole bag of issues we seek answers for?

Man is said to be the only creature who thinks for himself. A questionable statement at most. We will speak to our guides based on the level of understanding we have. There is no wrong or right way to speak to any of those who guide us. However, all guidance is based on respect of those who guide us. This implies respect both in the asking and then thanking our guides for their advice or instruction. When one uses a pendulum, one will ask a serious and clear question. Never for instance, “I’m hungry should I make a sandwich,or go to Joe’s Diner now?” Neither would you ask your guide such a question.


I would like to return now to the title of the blog,”What Do You Do When Your Guides Are Silent?” By this I mean,  “My guides are not talking to me, and I need advice now.” It’s as though they are out to lunch, on another conference call, or just flat out disappeared. Have you ever been in that situation? There may well be a reason for the disappearance of your guides and angels. They have instructed you in many things, strengthened and supported you through many trials or situations.

But where are they now when you desperately need them the most? Guess what? You may be on your own for now. They have trained you, taught you, and now they are testing you. They have stepped back, turned away and may not be listening because it’s your turn now. Yes, you can think for yourself and make the necessary steps to move forward. If you trip and fall flat on your face or run into that brick wall, your guides are there to pick you up and dust you off. Didn’t your mother do that for you? She lovingly let you fall yet picked you up and fixed the “boo boo” with an unnecessary band-aid.

Your guides do the same for your benefit. They are always there, but for you to grow they will step back on occasion. There is a saying that states, “The Dark Night of the Soul never comes to you without your ability to handle it.”  Even so, nothing occurs in your life without your having the ability to use it to your advantage. Life’s experiences are lessons for us all. How we handle them is based on the lessons we have learned from our guides. Believe me, some of those lessons are tough, and I wouldn’t want to be without them.

When your guides are not there or are silent, step up to the plate and take that swing, it is neither right or wrong. It is you trusting yourself.

Stones to help you with your guides.

Candle Quartz – Connection to Guardian Angels

Celestite/angelite – Connection to angelic guidance.

Kyanite – Connects one to spirit guides. 

Lapis Lazuli – A protective stone assisting in spirit guide connection.

All Agates – Self acceptance.

Moss Agate – Strengthens one’s ability to try just one more time to overcome situations.

Chrysanthemum Stone – Brings stability and inner trust to any situation.

Labradorite – Banishes fears and provides the strength necessary to balance faith and give trust in the universe.

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