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The Torus is a core level sacred geometry form. This image graphs the process by which all energy, when it is correctly aligned, continually is cycling, up and down and around, between spirit and matter.

Torus Mug, Pendant, Coaster, Mouse Pad

Torus Mug, Pendant, Coaster, Mouse Pad

The image of the Torus explains how something starts as a descent from spirit, or an ascent from matter, through a central channel or tube of light/energy/consciousness. The energy of the object can only go so far in one direction before it doubles back on itself, returning to its source, gaining energy, going forward again, achieving a certain height or depth, before needing to return again to gather more from source.

This is a process that occurs in all objects in existence, eventually. An object can go only so far in its ascent/descent before the opposite polarity pulls it back to itself.

When our human existence is functioning correctly, and we are cycling energy in a toroidal fashion, we are in balance, and are satisfied with our actions (although we may be aspiring to achieve something, we are content with the process we are undertaking). When a person or situation is not in harmony with universal energy – such as a sociopath like Hitler – then eventually the energy stops flowing, and the situation becomes “stuck” and unhealthy – there is no movement going on. Eventually the universe corrects itself. It might not occur in a person’s current lifetime, but the situation will re-appear in a future lifetime and they will have to work through the situation until they have resolved how to behave in a balanced, compassionate, detached manner in which both spirit and matter are in harmony.

Alex Grey - Universal Mind

Alex Grey – Universal Mind

Barbara Brennan - Hands of Light

Barbara Brennan – Hands of Light

Artist Alex Grey creates transcendental art, and has depicted the toroid in some of this work – here it is, to the left, as he depicts the multiple level nature of universal mind.

Healer Barbara Brennan incorporates work with the human aura, which is actually toroidal in nature – here it is, to the left.

So these two talented individuals – one focused on the transcendental and other other on ways to heal the body – are both aware of and working with the toroid.

If you are having issues with feel “stuck” or stagnating, or need to get matters moving forward in a healthy manner, then incorporating the Torus into your environment is very helpful. The same holds true if your land, home, office or job needs to be energized in a healthy manner.

To help out, I’ve begun working with a process by which you can incorporate a technically accurate image of a torus – and other core level geometrics – into your own personal environment.

Four Core Geometries Coasters Set

Four Core Geometries Coasters Set

You can wear a torus pendant. You can work with torus coasters in a number of ways – placing drinks and small pieces of food on the shiny surface, placing the coasters in the corners of a room to connect to each other and form a strong sustaining grid, placing the coaster on a shrine or in a work or sleep area. We also have mugs with the image, so that you can energize your drink and in doing so gradually move into this balanced energy. You can also work with a mouse pad – great if you have to work at the computer for long periods of time; the geometric helps to alleviate the effects of the “short” electromagnetic field of the computer environment (a short field of energy gradually pulls you off balance, as it begin dominating the other frequencies you also need to access for good health). Other products using sacred geometry are on the way!

You will find sacred geometry products in almost all areas of our website – crystal grids, pendants, art and household products

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