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Sacred Geometry Art

Sacred Geometry is a formal method to look at the lightfields that are the formation points for all matter. These fields rest at different levels between spirit and matter, and their purpose for study thus varies. The sacred geometry images shown here are some of the core experiences of metaphysical explorers of all cultures. You can focus on the geometry to stabilize for use your own personal perfect levels of existence. These images are also excellent as gifts and as bases for stone and herbal grids. Many of these images, prepared by Crystal Life, are available in our Office & Home area on mousepads, coasters and mugs; and in our jewelry area as pendants and earrings.

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  • Adobe Spiral

    Adobe Spiral – 11×14 Matted

  • Base Chakra Card

    Base Chakra Card

  • full set chakra cards

    Boxed Cards – Chakras

  • Boxed Cards - Sacred Geometry

    Boxed Cards – Sacred Geometry

  • Creation Mandala Card

    Creation Mandala Card

  • Crown Chakra Card

    Crown Chakra Card

  • Desert Cross

    Desert Cross

  • Fibonacci Spiral Card

    Fibonacci Spiral – Card

  • Flower of Life Card, Feminine

    Flower of Life – Feminine – Card

  • Flower of Life - Masculine - Card

    Flower of Life – Masculine – Card

  • flower of life card

    Flower of Life Card – Square

  • Full Chakras Card