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Sacred Geometry Art

Matter is formed of lightfields that have solidified into form. Resting inside these fields is soothing and energizing. It enables you to get to the basics of a situation, and then move forward into form. This area is filled with sacred geometry images, both the basic forms and as drawn by various beings in matter. Visit respective rooms to see sacred geometry jewelry and home accessories.

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  • Base Chakra Card

    Base Chakra Card

  • Boxed Cards - Sacred Geometry

    Boxed Cards – Sacred Geometry

  • full set chakra cards

    Boxed Set of Chakra Cards

  • Creation Mandala Card

    Creation Mandala Card

  • Crown Chakra Card

    Crown Chakra Card

  • Fibonacci Spiral Card

    Fibonacci Spiral – Card

  • Flower of Life Card, Feminine

    Flower of Life – Feminine – Card

  • Flower of Life - Masculine - Card

    Flower of Life – Masculine – Card

  • flower of life card

    Flower of Life Card – Square

  • Full Chakras Card

  • Heart Chakra Card

    Heart Chakra Card

  • Man in Maze

    Man in Maze – Card