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The third eye chakra, also known as the brow or sixth chakra, resides one finger length above the nose between and slightly above the eyebrows.  This chakra is the center of intuition and of inner vision.

The third eye may be activated by using iolite It facilitates intuition and insight.  This occurs exceptionally well when all chakras are in balance.  Other stones that open this chakra are as follows:

Amazonite:  assist in filtering harmful emf’s and other information which can distort intuitive activity.

Ametrine:  assists in divination activity.

Azurite:  cleanses and stimulates the third eye toward spiritual attunement, and psychic & intuitive development.

Celestites:  Opens one to the universal connection to all things.  Place on third eye during meditation to help one this connection.

Lapis lazuli:  enhances dream work and psychic ability.

Lepidolite:  assists by activating third eye, heart, and crown chakras.

Apophylite:  helps to gently open the third eye. This can be done by lying down and placing it on the chakra area for about ten minutes at a time.

Red Tourmaline: clears energetic blockages in the third eye.

For more information on the third eye chakra visit the Crystal Life Technology library.

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