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Video – Each of us has had frequent glimmers that someone is there helping us. Due to your cultural conditioning and the life forms you are connected to, you might know these life forms as angels, guides, saints, aspects of your own higher or extended self, your favorite aunt or grandmother who crossed over and assists you, or an animal totem.

Yet we are in a reset time for our earth – a time when, in all fields from social justice to scientific experiment to personal spiritual experience – we are re-examining what has been considered “true” before and what “really is.” That is a “really is” for our new, present time.

So…we are now realizing that many of these other dimensional beings are our friends; they are meant to work with us as we explore the multi-dimensional functionality of our earth.

We humans are being de-sensitized to our previous prejudices and sensitized to the existence of these life forms by all the fantasy films, books and games that are so popular now. We understand that there are foes and tricksters as well as loved ones in these other realms. We are learning, from our popular entertainment, that all these exist – at least in our “imagination.” In truth, there are many other “real” dimensions, and time lines, that co-exist and can intersect with our own.

Our work at Crystal Life includes providing you with objects that will assist you as you sensitize yourself to other realities, and learn to clearly see, protect from or work with the real – not imaginary – beings of these realms.

People come into our store and ask for a stone to protect themselves from various energies, often asking us, “please don’t think I’m crazy but….” and when we assure them we don’t, they discuss some other dimensional being they have been in contact with, for better or worse.

We can’t provide you with a stone that will prevent you from hearing these life forms – when they have set out to work with you, and contact you, it means your time has come. It is time for you to step up to the plate and learn to hit the ball with the bat!

So we are proud to supply you with stones and energy products that can help you to master the new realities you are experiencing. But the stones don’t do it for you – just as a bat signed by Willie Mays doesn’t provide you with a home run. You need to take the equipment and start practicing on your own!

As part of Crystal Life’s revisioning of its own work we have started a YouTube channel, Crystal Life Technology, where right now you can see more than a dozen videos explaining various aspects of energy work. We will be doing more during this year. I suggest you visit the channel and listen to How to Talk with Ghosts, Angels & ETs – it’s part of a lecture I gave a few years ago at the USPA (US Psychotronics Association) – who, by the way, is having its first convention in several years this coming July. Check them out!

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