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Resonance® – Jewelry with Purpose®  helps you to change your life by changing the energy of your environment. Our handcrafted jewelry and – and our other Products with Purpose® – help you create your own personal, positive, portable environment.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The founder and the staff of Crystal Life Technology®, Inc. are energy workers. Trained in different energy disciplines, we have come together to pool our talents and help our rapidly changing world stabilize itself in a positive, aware manner. We want to share with you some simple, natural methods to foster good health and well-being.

There is no doubt any more that earth is going through the birth throes of a new world. At every level of existence, change is underway. It is requiring each of us to dig deep inside and find a core stability from which to act. Wearing consciously selected resonant jewelry helps stabilize gemstone and sacred energies to assist you in these matters.

Matter is formed at its core of light, energy and love – of consciousness that has shaped itself into different forms. Jewelry with Purpose makes use of this reality to help you change and stabilize positive energy. We believe that each person we help is one more person contributing to the health of the world. When, through all options now coming forward in society, enough people are consciously holding good energy – our world itself cannot help but be transformed for the better.

When you consciously choose to wear energy jewelry such as our Resonance® – Jewelry with Purpose®, you are establishing your conscious intent to identify with positive energy. Your body supports your efforts,  autonomically – without your conscious awareness – resonating with this good energy.

What are some of the options we have created to help you help yourself, your loved ones – and earth?

Sacred geometry forms. This is what light looks like as it starts to organize itself for action. If you are getting “hit” by difficult times – you can go above all matter and rest inside pure light. We’ve seen customers hit with health difficulties – such as electro-magnetic and chemical issues – who have unconsciously gone above their body and are working from the light field to “keep going.”

Flower of Life pendant


Some have found immediate relief when we ask them to hold/wear a piece of sacred geometry such as the Flower of Life. The image resonates with a complete field of health, and helps fill in the energy tears in a person’s light field. Spirals, crosses, ankhs, and merkabahs are other sacred geometry forms of great use.

Gemstones and Crystals. We never met a stone we didn’t like! Each stone family has emerged from source at a specific frequency. They are one of the first solid forms on earth and they helped fashion the solid base upon which all else has evolved. When you need help in stabilizing and clearing your environment, the stone world and its life forms stand ready and willing to assist.


pendants on silk cord

Just like earth does, we recommend you select a variety of stones to help stabilize specific energies in your environment. You can do this intuitively. We have worked very hard to take good photographs of the stones so that you can sense their energy. We have also identified key characteristics of the stones in each piece’s description, and more information on a stone is available in various gemstone books on our site. No selection is wrong, and we recommend you start by choosing either what visually appeals to you – or by its stated characteristics. Don’t hesitate to select a number of stones, to mix and match on various days and for a variety of needs. You can combine your stones on a chain, or on the various portal pendants with connectors that we have created for you.


3 A Day Mineral Pendant

Picture This Jasper Pendant

Jewelry with Purpose Portal Pendant


Portal pendants are created by Crystal Life president Atala Toy, to further amplify various stone energies.  Some have connectors to add other pendants of your own personal choice.






pendant on necklace

You can wear your gemstone collection on cord, chain, or on our gemstone necklaces, bracelets and anklets. The pendants Crystal Life crafts all have jump rings large enough to fit over our 15″ and 16″ 4mm gemstone necklaces (shown above). NOTE: Some of the larger pendants will fit on our 18″ and 20″ 6 mm gemstone necklaces. Some of the silver images have a small bezel top that only fits onto a chain or cord; if in doubt, ask us on the comments area of the check out form, and we will check for you!



Amethyst Prayer Beads Mala

You also have the choice to work with Gemstone Prayer Bead Malas. We carry over 30 gemstones and crystals for you to choose from. Our prayer beads combine gemstone energy with sacred geometry – they are handcrafted of different sacred counts, such as the classic 108 or 99 beads. This is enhanced by the use of prayer beads back into the dawn of humanity as a way to count our prayers to spirit, then wear to hold that energy around us throughout our day.

Stones are real life forms. They are eager to work with humans for personal and world transformation. Because of this, we suggest you treat your stones with kindness and consideration. Like you, they sometimes need some R&R – rest and relaxation. Occasionally take off your stone jewelry pieces, to clear and rest them. You can do this is several ways. You can rest them at night on a clearing stone such as quartz, amethyst, selenite and kyanite. You can smudge them with incense. You can leave them outdoors overnight on a full moon. You can occasionally rest them on a bed of salt (sea salt, Himalayan salt or kosher salt), for one to three days. After this salt treatment, rinse the jewelry in room temperature water, and wash the salt down the drain (impurities have been leached into the salt, so you do not want to re-use it).

Sometimes stones just up and disappear, and you simply cannot find them. They do this when they either become stressed from overwork, or they know your time with them is over, and you need to move onto another stone energy. Sometimes stones suddenly break; this can occur because the stone has taken an energetic hit for the wearer, done from its love for you. In such a situation, offer your gratitude to the stone, and return it to earth in a respectful manner; you can bury it in your backyard by a favorite plant, or in some peaceful public park.

protection pendant

Protection Energy Bracelet

Energy Jewelry. Stones are excellent supplements if you are being affected by the enormous number of artificial frequencies our society is utilizing – cell phones, electricity, computers, microwaves, radio and tv towers, etc. These are all frequencies once utilized only by humans. These artificial frequencies often interfere with various of our own autonomic human “communication” lines. Wearing Resonance – Jewelry with Purpose helps you to keep these frequencies healthy and stable as you move about during your day.

We work with the healers/ceramic scientists at Biomagnetic Research to create EnergyJewelry that combines their ceramic catalyst ceramic beads (based on ancient Egyptian faiance) with Jewelry with Purpose’s gemstones and metals. This combination of ceramics, stones and metal is a way ancient people once supported good health for themselves, and it works today as well!

Chakra Stones Bag

Psychic Chakra Energy Bracelet

Psychic Chakra Energy Bracelet

Wearing Chakra stone jewelry is something yogis have long known is of excellent assistance. Our chakra yoga jewelry, and chakra stone collections, are part of the Products with Purpose that we provide you.






Isis Pendant - 1" Images are another tool Jewelry with Purpose provides you. Upon the groundwork of light forms and stones, other life forms evolved, matured, and stand ready to work with humans for the betterment of all life on earth. Our World Cultures area provides you with several sections devoted to various significant ancient and modern cultures and their icons. 

You have lived many lives on earth, in many different cultures. If you see an image that resonates with your intent, it may well be you worked with that energy in another lifetime. The connection and support you once had is waiting to be resumed. That’s why you often see some old soul wearing a collection of pendants with images from various world traditions.

We also have two dedicated websites for this topic – JewelryWithPurpose.com and ResonanceJewelry.com


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