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World Cultures

Wisdom is eternal and all the ancient cultures around the world have tapped into this one infinite stream of knowledge. You make your own cultural statement by how you combine the high symbols of various traditions in your personal wear or home.
  I would say the feel of the store is serious – if that makes sense. What I mean is – while I might say it’s a stone/rock store, I suspect the owners perception of what it is, is much more. They provide classes and tools for things like sacred geometry, and other spiritual paths – so it’s interesting to poke around and learn a bit about things that you may not come across in a typical store. …Dawn M on

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  • Abalone Shell Pendant - Cross - 3/4"

    Abalone Shell Pendant – Cross – 3/4″

  • Abalone Shells

    Abalone Shells – Full Shell

  • African God's Protection Pendant | Crystal Life

    African – God’s Protection Pendant – Rod – 1/2″

  • African Figure Pendant

    African Figure Pendant – White Bone

  • African Fish Pendant - 1 1/4"

    African Fish Pendant – 1 1/4″

  • African Face Bone Pendant

    African Mask Pendant

  • African Mask Pendant - White Bone

    African Mask Pendant – White Bone

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • African Pendant - Eternal God

    African Pendant – Eternal God

  • Chakra Products - Base Chakra

    All Base Chakra Products with Purpose

  • All Crown Chakra Products with Purpose

    All Crown Chakra Products with Purpose

  • Double Fibonacci Spiral Card

    All Double Fibonacci Spiral Products – Heart Image

  • Fibonacci Spiral Card

    All Fibonacci Spiral Products – Classic Design