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Spiral Pendant – Dark Wood

These dark wood spiral pendants help you to align with the proper cycling of energy into and out of a central point. It helps to center and align moving energy for effective use and also stimulates sluggish and drained energy to properly re-energize.

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dark wood spiral pendants. One of our customers, Dr. Robert Jackman, informed us that this design is known as “Piko” in the Polynesian cultures and represents the naval where life begins. It represents bringing new life and purity into the world, and represents peace, tranquility and and spirituality…he explained is aligns you with a strong sense of regrowth or new beginnings. Dr. Jackman said it can function as a healer’s symbol…if the point faces left to the heart, the energy is exiting to heal yourself. If the point faces right, the energy exits for the healer to heal others.

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