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Selenite Desert Rose


A Selenite Desert Rose dissolves self-imposed negative programs or belief systems. It centers you in your energy field, helping you to find the correct direction to move in.


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Selenite Desert Rose

There are two stones known as Desert Rose. One is selenite – basically desert sand with selenite content that has formed into roses. These are a sandy beige with white selenite edging on its ridges. The other is barite – an orangey-red-beige stone, shown here for you to compare the two.

Selenite Desert Rose is a gypsum found in desert areas, sand becoming trapped in the crystals as they form, creating a swirling design that looks like rose petals opening. The Selenite Desert Rose moves gently through the surrounding energy fields, gently moving energy into coherence; it promotes flexibility. It is very good for the crown chakra, assisting you to clarify and strengthen mental powers for action in the world. Desert rose is useful for meditation, helps align the spinal column, removes energy blockages, and stabilizes epileptic disorders.

January 2018 Staff Favorite

In this month of transformation, Desert Rose will help you to embrace life, all of its possibilities, and all of your potential. It is also helpful with making sense of things, providing mental clarity, and restoring balance you may have lost. Meditation with this stone will place you in a deeper state and connect you to a higher self by working with the crown chakra. ~ Lauren

Grounding assist in changes being smooth. ~ Gary


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