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Light-Life Harmonizers (Slim Spurling) – Silver


The silver harmonizers are copper then gold and silver plated 9 times. The rings are sterling silver. The multilayering of the metals causes a stronger, faster, gentler effect.The silver environmental harmonizer and rings are a cooler more moon, yin quality energy than the gold. Excellent for people who prefer the silver energies or for those dealing with psychic and/or spiritual issues. Includes a small ring with one amplifier bead (for shutting down or tailoring its energy); the environmental and agricultural harmonizers also include an Environmental Clearing CD.


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The Harmonizer is a unique combination of the principles of the Light Life Ring and the Acu-Vac Coil. It emits a cosmic light field or L-field (harmonic of consciousness) and has a positive output. To the clairvoyant, it appears to emit a coherent holographic light field. It is an “active” tool, in that subtle energies are continually in motion in the large light-energy field around it. An individual’s own energies are set into motion, too – continuing so long as you are in its presence! Close down the Harmonizer by placing it in a Light Life Ring. The energy is then contained in the new cylindrical column and the Ring will send it on an upward path.

The Personal Harmonizer affects an area approximately 5 – 7 feet around and through our bodies. It is our own personal bio-field being strengthened and enhanced by the light force energies. It is the principle of the Light Life Rings and the Acu-Vac Coil in motion. As the Harmonizer energy travels through us, following the meridian channels, it will work its way gently through the body from head to toe – down and up – down and up. A polarity flow picture of body rhythms.

The field diameter of the Environmental Harmonizer is about a 100-foot radius; 15 miles when activated with sound. The Environmental Harmonizer may be used to assist clearing earth energies and creating a more harmonious atmosphere. Farm fields flourish in its environment – plants grow lush, full and strong; birds, bugs, butterflies and worms thrive; and all life forms in the area prosper as they receive its beneficial energy.

The field diameter of the Agricultural Harmonizer is about 1 ½ miles radius. Its application is the same as for the Environmental Harmonizer, but with a wider range; 60 miles when activated with sound.

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