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Crystal Grid | PRIDE


Pride is celebrated during the month of June. This grid promotes universal love, self-love, and acceptance. The citrine and clear quartz points amplify the loving energy surrounding them. This grid enhances calm and clear thought, as well as neighborly treatment of one another, no matter who you are. 


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PRIDE Crystal Grid


Love is love. I deserve love and have an abundant love for others.


Blue Lace Agate: Has a soft and calming energy. Allows for expression of thoughts and feelings. 6 pieces. 

Citrine Point: A warming, energizing, and joyful stone. Dissipates negative energy. 6 pieces. 

Clear Quartz Tower: Energy regulator and amplifies the energy of the grid while making it cohesive. 1 piece placed in center. 

Pink Tourmaline: Attracts physical and spiritual love. Assures that it is safe to love. 2 pieces. 

Rhodonite: A stone of compassion, forgiveness, and love. Rhodonite helps to release fear.



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