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Crystal Grid | Autumn Equoinox


This Crystal Grid for the Fall Equinox brings sunshine and energy into ones life. Assisting and encouraging changes with clarity and understanding. Helps with letting go of what isn’t working while bringing in energy for new beginnings.


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Crystal Grid for the Fall Equinox

All pieces sold separately.

Fall Equinox Crystal Grid Recipe.

Red Jasper: 2 pieces. Brings grounding and mental clarity to any situation.

Lapis Lazuli: 2 pieces. Cleanses the chakras and activates the intuition.

Aventurine: 2 pieces. Balances masculine/feminine energies. Promotes new growth & new beginnings.

Carnelian: 2 pieces. Energizes and promotes life changes. Encourages manifesting personal power.

Sunstone: 1 piece. Brings energizing sunlight into the chakras. Helps promote good will.

Blue Apatite: 4 pieces. Centers the emotions.

Fluorite: Brings clarity of mind and organization of thoughts.

Moonstone: 2 pieces

Herkimer Diamond: Cleanses and energizes the chakras. Promotes creativity.

This crystal grid was created by Gary Lupton. 


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