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The Pendulum is a dowsing tool used to find the answer to any question you may have. The answer you seek resides somewhere out there in the Universe.

Sodalite Pendulum

Sodalite Pendulum

Today we will approach that task by connecting with nature. In many cultures, past and present, the Native American, Celts, or Baltic Shamans connected with Animal Spirits for guidance.

Let us choose ten Animals or Insects and their qualities to connect with. Of course, you may also choose your own.

1. Eagle – bigger picture, healing, illumination

2. Bear – intuition, personal rhythm, dream, healing

3. Dolphin – breathing, sound, water (emotion, etc.)

4. Butterfly – transformation, joy, change

5. Squirrel – activity, preparedness, sociability

6. Turtle – motherhood (nurturing), longevity, awakening to opportunity

7. Hawk – vision, guardianship, observe closely, opportunity

8. Frog – initiation, new beginnings, solitary, rest

9. Dog – protection, loyalty, faithfulness

10. Cougar – coming into your own power, stealth, night vision

We have ten animals and each of their qualities. Now let’s add some gemstones to the mix.

1. Picture Jasper – bigger picture

2. Amethyst – healing, inner wisdom

3. Turquoise – master healer

4. Moonstone – intuition, illumination

5. Apophyllite – breathing, connecting physical and spiritual, akashic record

6. Crysanthamum Stone – joy, creativity, nature

7. Citrine – joy, abundance, creativity

8. Carnelian – energy, stability

9. Moss Agate – sociability

10. Chrysocolla – sociability

11. Aventurine – new beginnings

12. Dalmation Stone – protection, faithfulness

13. Chrysoprase – empowerment

We now have the tools to use with the pendulum.

Take a couple deep breaths and focus clearly on a question. Ex: I really need to set up boundaries, which animal will assist me in that? Hold the pendulum over the list of animals and move down until you get a response. The Eagle has volunteered to assist clearly with a bigger picture. This will allow me to access what boundaries I need to take.

Now let’s look at the list of gemstones. As in the previous step, let’s see if there are one or more stones who volunteer. Move down this list to get your yes or no response. Picture jasper has volunteered the energy of the bigger picture while amethyst has offered the energy of inner wisdom.

Thank the animals and the stones. You will need to work with the stone until there is clarity around your question. My task is to look at all the areas I am involved in and decide which ones need to be active and which ones need to be set aside for now. There are too many irons in the fire, which ones do I need to take out and let cool off.

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