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My Path to Goddess

The Path to Goddess is one the poets have spoken of since the beginnings of language. It is a mythical mystical path often thought of as “the road not taken.” It is the first life-changing step taken out of the door of familiarity.

Divine FeminineFor many years in my life journey, I have come across this path, looking with curiosity, longing, and visions of communion with the divine. My heart and mind tugged at the prospect of stepping onto this mysterious path, and though I had a respect and trust in Goddess, I lacked the courage to fully immerse myself in her presence. Did I really want to go there, to face problems that I was not ready to face? The prospects were immense and overwhelming. I feared being labeled as crazy and being stigmatized for my decision. So I chose the safer route for the time being and was content to read books about her to satisfy my curiosity.

A few months back, during a healing session and then again later in meditation, I received a calling to come forward to serve. So I spent time in prayer, meditation, and study. There were many Goddesses I have been drawn to over the years, but the one always calling my name appeared in a shifting form as we connected. It was one Goddess with many aspects or attributes. She was The One and All Goddesses, the “All Mother.” Over the next few months of prayer and meditation, she finally appeared as Sophia (Greek for “wisdom”). Sophia is the biblical goddess of wisdom in the Old Testament, where she is referred to as the first created. Wisdom-Sophia was before the beginning and was the creative aspect of God-source, both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

The Breakthrough

I was encouraged to begin seriously studying the Kabbalah, where one is introduced to wisdom in its many aspects: as the mother, daughter, and Holy Shekinah (spirit); the pillar of fire and the cloud who led Moses and the Israelites for forty years in the wilderness. In August, as well as in my study and meditation, I was asked to continue the mythical mystical journey that I had begun during many past lives. Oracles such as the Tarot cards, the Runes, the Ogham, and the Kabbalah all asked me to pass through the threshold and go through the doorway that was presented before me. After much resistance, I finally stepped through as a committed follower of Goddess Sophia. I now find no path behind me to which I can retreat, but only a long path ahead that is sometimes veiled in shadow. My journey will proceed forward and continue to guide me towards truth.

We will be discussing the other manifestations of Goddess (Isis, Kuan Yin, Tara, Mary and more) in future articles, and traversing deeper into the mystical path of Goddess.

Invite the Goddess Into Your Life

We offer jewelry, statues, crystal grids, and other products of the various manifestations of Goddess, to strengthen your spiritual journey, and to help remind you of your dedication to your path. Additionally, moonstone and morganite crystals carry powerful feminine lunar energy.



Divine Feminine Crystal Grid

Divine Feminine Crystal Grid

Mary Pendant - Our Lady of Guadalupe - with Crown

Mary Pendant

Peach Morganite

Peach Morganite


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