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Crystal Grid | Divine Feminine


This Divine Feminine crystal grid is meant to help you with selflove, strength, and intuition.  This grid is gentle, forgiving, and kind but also strong, knowing, and experienced. This feminine energy will help you power through daily grievances and heal from past wounds. 


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Divine Feminine Crystal Grid

This crystal grid uses 6 of each of the following stones. 

Clear Quartz:  Positioned around Quan Yin, it helps to amplify and transfer her energy throughout the grid. 

Black Kyanite: Works to protect, ground, and align the mind and body. Provides strength.

Moonstone: The stone of female intuition, moonstone helps with empathy and soothing emotions. 

Pink Peruvian Opal: Stone of love, peace, kindness towards self and others.

Apophyllite: Helps raise the spirit and vibration in the grid and surrounding area. Apophyllite helps to heal from trauma and negative experiences. This stone opens the third eye chakra. 

This crystal grid was created by Emily Barfield. Any goddess maybe placed in the center of this grid. 


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