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During the holiday season, mistletoe is often a must have decoration for the home. But this plant is much more than a kissing plant. Here’s some knowledge about the metaphysical energy mistletoe shares with us.

Where Does It Come From?

MistletoeMistletoe is a parasite that grows in mature oak trees due to birds leaving their seeds in branches, hallows, and forks of the tree.


At one time in history mistletoe was considered a sacred plant and represented the energies of femininity and sexuality. Mistletoe links to lunar energy and the lunar aspects of our vast universe. This helps us to remember that everything is about change, and to recognize the rhythms of change. Mistletoe also manifests protection energy, especially for your inner child and children.

Mistletoe is believed to have been used to appear “invisible.” It was used to either help you learn how to develop invisibility or you wore a sprig of mistletoe to help you go unnoticed. It is also believed it was used in ancient lessons of teaching how to shape shift.


A powerful herb of the Druids, mistletoe was primarily used as an aphrodisiac and to increase fertility.    A symbol of rebirth, it was also used to awaken second sight that led to the secrets of your soul life in the future.

Modern Uses | Lore

In the States we associate mistletoe with Christmas, but in France it is primarily a New Year’s Day decoration.

At one time if couples who were in love kissed under the mistletoe, it was considered a promise to get married.

A man kissing under mistletoe cannot refuse to kiss.

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