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Mudras, or hand positions, facilitate the flow of subtle energy through the body and mind, deepening and offering strength to your spiritual path. In Sanskrit, the word mudra means “seal” or “mark of identity”. There are a variety of different mudras that can enhance your meditation and yoga practice and we will be going over one per week. Check out our other mudra articles: Dhyana, Gyan.

Each of our fingers represents a primordial element, and different hand positions create a different flow of energy in the body:

Thumb = Space     Index finger = Air     Middle finger = Fire     Ring finger = Water     Pinky finger = Earth

How to do the Shuni Mudra

The mudra we will be talking about today is the Shuni mudra. Shuni is first and foremost a mudra of purification, and will also heighten your intuition and alertness.

To do the Shuni mudra, place your hands on your knees with your palms facing up. Connect the tip of your thumb to the tip of your middle finger, keeping the rest of your fingers straight and relaxed.

Shuni helps to transform negativity into positivity, offering relief from depression, overwhelming thoughts, and unwanted impulses. If you’re having a day where you feel bombarded with chaotic or unpleasant thoughts, the Shuni mudra will help to calm your mental processes and allow you to persevere amidst troubling times. Shuni can also strengthen your Solar Plexus chakra, which governs your intuitive energies. By meditating regularly with the Shuni mudra, your insight and decision-making ability will gradually become more pronounced. Use this mudra when you need the motivation to follow through with your goals and decisions.

The Origins of Shuni

Origins: “Shuni” is Sanskrit for “Saturn”, which is the planet of self-discipline in Vedic astrology. The Shuni Mudra is the Seal of Patience. This mudra brings acknowledgment of karma and the consequences of your actions. Shuni strengthens and balances the fire element, improving the digestion of both food and ideas.

You can also add a purification visualization to your meditation practice by envisioning your body made entirely out of bright white light. Picture all darkness and negativity being purged from yourself, letting your clear and luminous nature shine brilliantly.

Crystals for Purification

To amplify your purification practice further, you can hold a crystal in your hands while you meditate, or you can wear crystal jewelry such as a mala, bracelet, necklace, or earrings. Crystals we recommend adding to your Shuni mudra include:

Tumbled Citrine

Tumbled Citrine

Selenite – has a very high vibration that clears all blockages. Selenite clears both you and other stones of negativity and is perfect for cleansing a space.

Smokey Quartz – transforms negativity into positivity, relieving depression and stress.

Citrine – brings sunshine, joy, and prosperity into your life. Citrine clears both you and other stones of negativity.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz – assists in removing karmic debris and cleanses your subconscious mind.

Celestite – has a high vibration that aids in conflict resolution and bringing harmony into your life. Celestite clears both you and other stones of negativity.

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