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Mudras, or hand positions, facilitate the flow of subtle energy through the body and mind, deepening and offering strength to your spiritual path. In Sanskrit, the word mudra means “seal” or “gesture”. There are a variety of different mudras that can enhance your meditation and yoga practice and we will be going over one per blog article. Check out our other mudra articles: Dhyana.

Each of our fingers represents a primordial element, and different hand positions create a different flow of energy in the body:

Thumb = Space     Index finger = Air     Middle finger = Fire     Ring finger = Water     Pinky finger = Earth

How to do the Gyan Mudra

The mudra we will be talking about today is the Gyan mudra. Gyan is the most commonly known and widely used mudra and is most beneficial when used during a time of learning and committing new information to memory.

To do the Gyan mudra, place your hands on your knees and lightly touch the tips of your thumb to the tips of your index finger, keeping the middle, ring, and pinky fingers straight. The direction your palms are facing has an impact on this mudra. Doing the mudra with your palms facing up helps connect you to celestial wisdom, or having your palms facing down creates a strong grounding effect. This mudra can be done with your palms facing others, which helps transmit wisdom and clarity to them. Gyan can even be done with your hand raised and your palm facing forward, this imparts the strength of fearlessness to anyone in the vicinity.

Gyan opens your mind to spiritual receptivity and meditative focus, sharply increasing memory capability. It also stimulates your root/base chakra, which relieves depression and calms tension. It can support the endocrine system and reduce joint swelling. Additionally, it may help relieve lack of motivation, lack of creativity, and insomnia as well.

The Origins of Gyan

The Sanskrit term “Gyan” translates to “wisdom”, with the phrase “Gyan Mudra” meaning “Seal of Wisdom”. This mudra is important in the Ayurveda or Ayurvedic healing tradition. Gyan strengthens and balances the air element, representing mobility, lightness, and the flow of energy through the body and mind.

Crystals for Memory

To amplify your memory and recall ability further, you can hold a crystal in your hands while you meditate, or you can wear crystal jewelry such as a malabracelet, necklace, or earrings. Crystals we recommend adding to your Gyan mudra include:

Pyrite specimen


Pyrite increases energy, while helping to combat mental fatigue from over-working. For the student, pyrite is particularly helpful in mental clarity and recall.

Amber – clears the mind and helps develop patience and wisdom. 

Fluorite – improves mental coordination and clarity.

Apophyllite – creates a strong connection between spiritual and physical, allowing karmic information and wisdom to be transmitted between realms. It encourages introspection leading to correcting the balance of your behavior.

Clear Quartz – amplifies all thought and intent, also increasing the efficacy of all other crystals.

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