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Here’s an interesting exchange between a reader and myself, showing how understanding that interdimensional communication does occur can change your attitude towards your self and your health:guardian angel

From M.N.:

Your book has helped me so much. When you spoke of your experiences they are in many ways like mine.

I know my team and know what part I play. However, it is scary when the time comes for me to act and so I decline and ask for more time. I need to learn of what the experience will be like to travel through time with physical body. Astral I’ve experienced many times but never physical body. How long will I stay if I leave with them? and What am I supposed to be looking for?

These are the type of questions I need answered so I feel comfortable enough to do it but I feel paralyzed and choose not to go. I promised them I would consult and learn how to communicate better so I wouldn’t be afraid if they give me a little time to do that and I promised to go.

I’m not sure how much time I will have before they return and I want to feel safe enough to do as I promised. Can you help? Please consult with your team I believe two of your team members are as well mine. Thank you.

Dear M.N.

Authentic guides will work with you to establish a field of trust, so that when they request something of you, you know it is safe to perform that action.

The next time the life forms come to communicate with you, discuss this with them. Ask them to help you build up to this level in smaller steps; ask them what type of situation they suggest they be tested on first – that is, what are they capable of doing, and how can they show this to you.

Have them set a specific test, and see if it is met. If it is met, then you need to do your part and believe they can do that type of action. Gradually build up with them to the more unusual actions. Authentic guides are willing to do this, because they are working to set up a long time relationship with you. Kind regards, Atala Dorothy Toy

Response from MN:

So I’m further along in your book. Wow!!! I feel as if you wrote this book for me. I just read the part of needing to focus when you’re somewhere else. THANK YOU!!! I never knew why I see static everywhere all the time and could never explain it to the doctors it is not describable. It’s energy!!!

If I had to describe what it looked like I would say energy. And when I close my eyes I could never describe what I see… I think it’s the universe so much movement and color and spirits that are so clear it looks animated!!! I’m letting go of fear and I did it!!!! I listened and got the message and delivered and I feel so amazing. And the next day the universe thanked me, I saw the sun with a bright blue eclipse that looked so amazing!! Thank you!! M.N., CA


Atala Toy - We Are Not AloneYou can learn more about communicating with guides in my book We are Not Alone: A Guidebook for Interdimensional Cooperation.

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