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The Slim Spurling Harmonizers are a unique combination of the principles of the Light Life Ring and the Acu-Vac Coil. It emits a cosmic light field or L-field (harmonic of consciousness) and has a positive output. To the clairvoyant, it appears to emit a coherent holographic light field. It is an “active” tool, in that subtle energies are continually in motion in the large light-energy field around it. An individual’s own energies are set into motion, too – continuing so long as you are in its presence! Close down the Harmonizer by placing it in a Light Life Ring. The energy is then contained in the new cylindrical column and the Ring will send it on an upward path.

The Personal Harmonizer

Gold Personal HarmonizerThe Personal Harmonizer is worn around the neck. It keeps your personal energy field, or “grid”, fully rounded, helping to fill in gaps, knots and tears. Excellent for people sensitive to the aura and grid levels of the human energy field. It affects an area approximately 5—7 feet around and through our bodies. It is our own personal bio-field being strengthened and enhanced by the light force energies. It is the principle of the Light Life Rings and the Acu-Vac Coil in motion. As the Harmonizer energy travels through us, following the meridian channels, it will work its way gently through the body from head to toe — down and up, down and up. A polarity flow picture of body rhythms.

The Environmental Harmonizer


The field diameter of the Environmental Harmonizer is about 100 feet in radius, or 1 mile when activated with sound. The Environmental Harmonizer may be used to assist clearing earth energies and creating a more harmonious atmosphere. Farm fields flourish in its environment — plants grow lush, full and strong; birds, bugs, butterflies and worms thrive; and all life forms in the area prosper as they receive its beneficial energy.

The Agricultural Harmonizer

The field diameter of the Agricultural Harmonizer is about 1-½ miles in radius. Its application is the same as for the Environmental Harmonizer, but with a wider range; 60 miles when activated with sound.

Environmental Clearing CD & King’s Chamber CD

Environmental Clearing CD

Environmental Clearing CD

The Environmental CD and the Kings Chamber CD are meant to be played as background frequency. They are intended to increase the clearing field of the Harmonizers. You do this by putting the CD in a player and placing the headphones around the Harmonizer. The Harmonizer then projects this frequency into the surrounding area. Very beneficial for establishing and maintaining a high level energy, excellent for clearing energy and for energizing plants and animals.

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