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Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Who am I talking to?   Let’s talk about those guides, gods and goddesses, animal guides, terrestrial/extra-terrestrials, angels, and on and on.

Just what is a guide? Someone or something who will provide instructive advice for the assistance of achieving a goal. This guide may appear in any form as an energy or representational being who you would automatically recognize.

Is it at all possible really to talk, to know, to feel, to hear something that you may not actually see, feel, or talk to? There are those who do this. Borders on “Am I crazy or what?” doesn’t it? The answer: yes you can and yes you do.

When you pray in whatever modality you believe/trust in, that is what you are praying for: guidance on any level. This guidance is unseen and invisible yet you are seeking its direction. Your  Heart tells you that you are connected to that Spirit (energy) that feels right to you. That is the crux of the matter as they say. More precisely, you are connecting in with a resonate energy that has come forward to you with that extra/internal guidance and just in time for that extremely important situation that you find yourself in.

So that we do not confine ourselves to a BOX, let me bring up an interesting point for clarity. There are those who may separate guidance into, “This is my modality, and that is his/her modality of connecting to guides.” While that may be true, guidance is not a this or that, it just is. Guides for one individual may come in one form, mine may come in another.

For instance: as one of Native American heritage, I would be influenced by Animal Spirit guides. That influence is minimal, I have other guidance that is not the Native American guidance.  Most of what I do, the guides are different. So yes, there is influence but not in the Native American box only. So you see, it is never a this or that. To only make that distinction does not create a level playing field.

Within the Christian tradition there are those who will speak of Angelic guidance. Then there are those who will deny such guidance. I have seen that distinction and know it to be true. One culture will get their guidance from the Animal kingdom, from nature. Another cultural group will get their guidance from the gods and goddesses worshiped within their belief system. Yet another will rely on those who are identified as the ascended masters for their guidance. Others will say, “My Higher Self told me.”

And on and on. Is any of this wrong? No, it isn’t. As Frank Sinatra so aptly said, “I did it my way.” This is, as we have said, the crux of the matter. How you communicate for guidance is how you do it. That still small voice comes in a variety of ways, shapes and forms. I challenge you to develop your guidance system to fit your needs. Try all different ways but develop your own. Let me say that I have spent many years as a Christian minister, have embraced Native American ancestry, studied with a Blackfoot Medicine Man and been taught by various mentors in differing modalities. So my guidance comes in those various forms, shapes, and cultures.

Having said all that, let us then backtrack a little. We know, do we not, that everything is energy. Nothing is not energy. Let us look into the void, the place of Chaos. It is as we have said in previous blogs, the Prima Materia, the first outpouring of God if you will. The separation of God into the Masculine/Feminine energies. This is energy that is yet unmanifested, an energy waiting to be brought into the third dimension by your thoughts or actions. Everything, then, is simply energy:  you, your guides, everything in your cultural guidance. Same energy, different form of manifestation. We may even say the consciousness of a resonate energy is guiding you to a clear and precise conclusion to that important situation.

The energy of the Angel who comes to you can be an aspect of the same energy that appears to someone else as an Animal Guide, and

likewise to yet others as a god or goddess, or an ancestor present or in the far past. It is not uncommon to have one of these show up in any

Leopardskin Jasper

cultural situation when dealing with the same core issue – say, for instance, help in deciding which direction to go forward. This is because the energy field is the same, but how it is expressing itself varies according to the circumstances presented to it.These circumstances can be cultural, the level of understanding of the person calling on the energy, the nature of the response that is needed.

The consciousness of that energy field knows how to present itself. If you are a visual person, how quickly would you accept a sphere of light versus something you could not relate to? Or you perhaps would prefer a male/female humanoid form. Do you see what I am saying? The conscious guidance of energy will appear in a way that you can relate to and understand.

Stones to help with guidance:

Celestite:  Angelic communication.

Leopardskin Jasper:  Animal totem connection.

Purple Fluorite: Psychic communication.

Stilbite: Wolf energy commection.

Angelite – Angelic connection.

Other stones – Amethyst, All Quartz, Kyanite, Obsidian, Flint.


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