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Crystal Grids are a truly incredible way to utilize the medium of crystal energy work. Grids allow us to not only combine different crystal energies together, but also add the power of symbols. This element is commonly referred to as the “layout” or “formation.” One of the biggest road blocks for those experimenting with creating their own grids is the design in which they lay their stones.

Flower of Life - masculine orientation

Flower of Life – masculine orientation


The beautiful thing about Crystal Grids is that they don’t have to follow any guidelines. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities. Following your intuition is your best bet. Whether you want to use geometry, free flowing organic shapes, or symbols is entirely up to you. They can be massively intricate designs utilizing hundreds of stones, or a simple design with just a few – both are equally powerful with the right intent.

The first thing to consider when laying out stones is “What is my intent?”

– If you are looking to balance an energy, try using things like a 2D Merkabah, or a Yin Yang.

– If you need focus or are grounding an energy, try a square or cross with equal arms.

– Things like spiritual growth can be amplified with a spiral or a triangle (an upward pointed triangle is for cosmic consciousness, where a downward pointed triangle represents earth consciousness).

– Meditations or energies that you need to be temporarily closed off from outside influence would benefit from circle.

– The Flower of Life (pictured above) is an ancient pattern found all over the world. Each of the five Platonic Solids can be found within its design, therefore it contains the blueprints for all matter. This symbol is excellent for restructuring or strengthening any energy field, and charges things with life force energy.

See more grids here.

This post was originally published in 2014.


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