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Coasters | Flower of Life


The Flower of Life Coaster is composed of an ancient geometry found in all world traditions. It depicts light energy as it moves from spirit into form. Excellent for balancing and keeping energy in balance.


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The Flower of Life Coaster comes in two styles”: a 3.75″ square hardboard with a glossy image and a cork backing – and a 4″ square absorbent cloth with black rubber backing.

These coasters have been designed and individually printed by Atala and Crystal Life to serve as an attractive energy-enhancing element in your environment. Crystal Life has made this image available in a variety of utilitarian items, including mugs, mouse pads and pendants. You can utilize the coaster in many ways – from serving as a base for drinks and small food objects to creating a mini-shrine to placing items on the image for clearing, energizing and protecting.

How does resonance work?

We autonomically identify with our surroundings. Autonomically means our body system without our conscious act to make it so resonates with the objects around it. This is why community is so important to us: we draw strength from those we associate with.

This identification moves throughout our various levels of consciousness – body, mind, spirit. This is why we at Crystal Life always emphasize the significance of keeping around you and your loved ones objects that have a high vibration – also called consciousness, frequency and resonance.

Different objects resonate at different frequencies. It depends upon what information the object, or image, contains. Sacred Geometry is so effective because it is a clear depiction of some sort of action at the light field level. This level and these forms can be seen by many advanced seekers; it is the movement of light into coherent form that occurs as unmanifest spirit descends. Some sacred geometry is called core geometry, because the forms are common to many separate types of actions.

Many people – including Crystal Life – work with this knowledge to help balance energy, and strengthen beneficial energy. Introducing sacred geometry into your personal environment is an excellent way for you to help yourself and others to improve their lives. At Crystal Life, we utilize this knowledge to provide our customers with an array of products that can assist.

To be healthy requires the combination of many component parts. You need to assemble, for yourself, what feeds you – what makes you stronger, healthier, happier. Crystal Life is your source for many healthy options. We have sacred geometry that you can wear and place in your home. We provide you with gemstones of many types – rocks are a very very grounded way in which light fields have manifested in our world. They hold sacred geometry/light fields in place, for us to work and play with. You can place various stones upon our sacred geometry products (such as our coasters) to clear the stones – and to send their varying energies out into your environment. You can also wear stone jewelry – and even combine it with sacred geometry images – to carry your clearing with you.

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