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Good working relationships always make the environment feel and operate better. Today, our society is moving toward lateral organization as versus the hierarchical organizations of the past. That is, each party in a group has equal value; they each specialize in some part of the whole without which the whole would not function well. While one party may be the organizer, another might be the warrior and still another the cleaner-upper when all is done. Without any one of these functions, the whole is not complete.

Metatron’s Cube

My lineage – the Melchizedeks – have been very clear about this when working with me, and have insisted that I work with others this way as well. The head of the lineage, Metatron, is the creator and organizer of many universes. Yet he would not be able to act in my particular area of earth if I did not agree to work with him on various projects. Therefore, I am of good value to him, a necessity for his work, and he always treats me as a very valuable equal.

Sometimes, when I get overwhelmed by one situation or another, he very gently -and humorously – reminds me that if he has been able to create and establish order in entire universes, I should have faith that he is able to assist me in my relatively smaller world.

We are friends as well as cohorts. That is a far different situation from what some people experience when working with their guides, who they feel dictate orders to them. Once again, this is a matter of perception – your guides want to work with you. If you have bought into the hierarchical power over energy of our recent earth past, then they have no choice but to comply with your wishes and treat you in a power over manner. But…if you are willing to renegotiate your deals with your guides, and request an equitable relationship, you will be surprised how quickly and gratefully they will be agreeable to comply.

Power over always, always, always leads to dissatisfaction and rebellion – look at our world right now for that proof – no one wants to be a slave or inferior to another.

Metatron has pointed out to me that we reincarnate many times to solve our own life issues – one time we may incarnate as a beggar, another time as a leader, again as a renunciate, etc….it is the same person, working on different aspects of their own self in pursuit of self-perfection. We are all also manifestations of the one ultimate source. So how can we say one aspect is higher or lower than another, when at the core we are, over lifetimes, the same spirit pursuing different goals; and the same one ultimate spirit who pervades the all.

We have no choice, if we wish to progress individually and as a society, but to treat all with respect, as equals – children and adults, professors and students, man and woman, black and white and red and yellow, Republican and Democrat, Wall Streeter and Occupier.

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