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When some people see or sense something “shadowy” moving about their home, they immediately think “ghosts” and get scared. They immediately project negative motivations to the shadowy object and seek to block it from their sight and want it out of their home.granma ghost

It would be better to learn to see what is occurring. We all have the inherent human ability to be aware of what is occurring around us. We just need to develop this ability. Here are some options for you to consider:

Physical Explanations

It is the light of cars passing by, airplanes overhead, the sun shining through objects outside the house into the house.
It is energy fluctuations from the various types of technical equipment we are surrounded with, inside and outside of the house.
It is the weather – mists outside coming in
It is your cat or dog. It is a double exposure photograph (as shown here).

Subtle Realities

Earth’s ley lines – the lines of energy that form our solid-looking earth. These lines are layered, one over the other. These layers interact with each other and with what exists inside their stream of energy. Crossings of lines can form both vortexes that spin energy out or pull it in; placement of objects along a line such as a church and a forest your home is between helping your specific line to be peaceful. Fluctuations along the line can interact with the energy in your home and create pockets of energy surges that you can feel.

Guardian of Place. Your home might be situated on a site once used by a past culture, and the energy of that use has remained and is affecting you. Some cultures place thought forms on special sites whose job is to protect the area, and they are aware life forms some people can sense. Sometimes life forms especially connected to an area will take human incarnation to understand humanity better, and when they die they return to protecting the place. Sometimes people die, cross over to the light and then return to protect an area or the people in the area they especially love and fee responsible for.

Protective Spirits. These are the spirits of people connected in someway to the site or the people living there. They have crossed over to the light, and then return on occasion to beneficially assist.

Guides and Guardians. These are the angels, masters, saints, animal totems, and guides associated with the people living in a house. If someone is in trouble, and calling on the universe for aid, these energies may manifest strongly. Sometimes they just drop in to say hi!

Spirit of Place, or Deva. This is a nature spirit whose job it is to see that each area in their domain is clear and functioning at optimum levels. If something is out of order, it is their responsibility to do what they can to correct it. There is a Spirit of Place for your specific home, for each room in your home, for the area the home is situated in, for the larger region, up to the Earth Mother herself.

Nature Spirits. These spirits work under the protection of the area Deva, and for the Deva. They include house leprechauns, fairies, flower sprites, and so on…there are many different types, and some may have moved into your home for some reason.

Spirits brought into the home by those living there. When you and your family are out and about, and return home, you can sometimes bring an energy in with you- a traveler who came along for the ride. These energies can have all sorts of motivations, including negative, hostile, tricksters, encouraging.

Break Offs. This energy occurs when something of a strong emotion occurs in an area and a portion of that emotion breaks off and remains. Some breakoffs can be seen repeating a pattern of action over and over, like a video. You cannot interact with them, just observe. This energy needs to be dissipated.

Bleed throughs from parallel worlds. This is occurring more frequently now as the energy of earth is elevating. Our general frequency is such that it is intersecting with that of other worlds who are also elevating. People sometimes come to me for help in understanding these life forms who, in this Midwest area, are tall and live in crystalline grid structures.

Ghosts. And at last we come to ghosts. What a small part of the total possibilities these are! Ghosts are real people who have died but have not crossed over. This occurs for many reasons, but one primary reason is that they do not understand, from their cultural background, that upon death one simply moves from one room inside creation to another. Since they were taught that death ends everything, and they know they are still existing, they assume they are not dead and they try to interact with others. Another situation is where a person dies leaving something undone in the physical world, and keeps trying to complete the action. Sometimes a person has misbehaved in life and fears going to “hell” so will not go to the light, but remains in the subtle realm and may continue misbehaving. There are many scenarios here. Also, sometimes for commercial purposes the owner of the home may not want the ghost to leave as it is part of the commercial attraction of the site. When possible, it is good to explain to the ghost that they can go to the light, and to help them do so. This is a situation for you to call in an expert for assistance.

So these are some of the many situations that an energy worker who specializes in such earth work assesses when they come to assist you in analyzing what is occurring on your property.

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